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What are some fun games to play at my birthday party?

There will be 6 girls (including me) and we can play in my back yard and in my basement and its a sleepover. Do you know any fun party games? THANKS!


  1. twister pin the dail on the donkey (sounds kidish but i enjoy it) wrap somebodys house hehe truth or dare if you have a camera take a bunch of pics and make videos and put them on youtube play flashlight tag at night
  2. Two things: how old are you and are your parents home? If the answer is 15+ and no get some guys and booze over and make it a real party!
  3. Truth or Dare is a good one
  4. Truth or dare, Gay chicken, Hide and seek in the dark, (Yeah, I'm childish) Monopoly, Makeovers, Pillow fights, Make a video, & TALK ABOUT BOYSSS!!
  5. uhhh. makeovers. shop online. board games. make collages of stuff... oh. have a fashion show. eat pizza. BAKE A BIG CAKE !! i am talking HUGE
  6. - light as a feather stiff as a board - truth or dare - capture the flag (outside) - model pictures, do make up n hair crazy and then assign a prop to someone that they have to pose with, yell out feelings and emotions and take pics,, the pics will turn out hilarious - poker, gamble with nail polish, candy, secrets, etc. - dress up- sounds babyish but amazingly fun, its your friends you don't have to impress them - rent a horrible/stupid movie and make fun of it - get a menu preferably one with food hard to pronounce and convert it, ex.) egg rolls + leg moles - pair up into two teams and invent a dace, have parents or someone judge the best one --- HAVE FUN,, what ever you do will be fun, don't have a planned schedule, be spontaneous
  7. It doesn't matter how old you are. Play quarters. A party is ALWAYS better if your drunk.
  8. Definatly play truth or dare!!!! If you are over 11 play EXTREME truth or dare! Hide and seek Twister Pillow Fights Makeovers Flashlight tag TAKE TONS OF PICTURE BUT DON'T PUT THEM ONLINE IF THEY ARE PERSONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun and GOSSIP!