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What are some online websites for virtual worlds?

I would really like to find a good online world. If you know of some, please list them all!!!!!! I would like anything, people, animals, or a simpson online world (escpecally the simpsons, but people and animals are good too) PLEASE HLEP ME!!


  1. Fantage.com Poptropica.com These r the only ones I can think of for now.
  2. here are some: PLAYED THESE: http://clubpenguin.com - kids game, but still pretty fun http://zwinky.com - virtual game. pretty fun. can get boring. http://freerealms.com - if you like world of warcraft sorta stuff, this is for you Http://habbo.com - fun but gets boring. NEVER PLAYED: http://animatedtv.about.com/od/games/Play_Online_or_Download_Games_from_The_Simpsons.htm - bunch of simpson games you can download http://secondlife.com/ - online virtual game http://www.marykay.com/whatsnew/virtualmakeover/default.aspx - if you like makeovers this is for you http://www.marapets.com/ - looks a lot like neopets http://gaiaonline.com - looks ok... http://vmtv.com - looks cool :) search the internet for more. i typed in "Virtual online game" in google and got a lot of these from there. i can only use 10 links, so u have to type or copy these into the adress bar, but: boombang.tv - fun for awhile, but then gets adictive and once u quit playing it, it seems gay... neopets.com - kids game. cant play without stuffed animal i dont think webkinz.com - kids game. fun for a bit. have to buy stuffed animal. ty.com - fun. kids game. have to buy a beanie baby.