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What are some categories I can use for a Hannah Montana themed Jeopardy?

I'm hosting a slumber party for my younger cousin and the theme is Hannah Montana and I'm trying to think of games to go with it. I need categories for Jeopardy and questions I ask. Also, include other games we can play.


  1. What about a song catergory. Other Hannah Montana Games : MAKEOVER - MILEY STYLE Hannah Montana's popularity is due in part to her unique sense of fashion. Girl's love the style, flair and accessories! Have fun with make-up,scarves, hats, jewelry etc. You may want to invite a fun teenager or mom to help with the makeover. Take pictures with a digital camera that you can print during the party. The guests can decorate their own picture frame with craft foam, stickers, gel pens etc. It's Showtime! Provide a Karaoke Machinewith CD's and the guests will have a ball singing alone, in a group and maybe even adding their own choreography. Kit's Tip: Although a Karaoke machine seems like an extravagant addition to a birthday party, it can double as a birthday gift. My pre-teen daughter used her machine at every sleepover and was even asked to bring it along when she went to other homes! Don't forget to purchase some Karaoke CD's as well. Hoedown Throwdown This Hannah Montana dance is a great one for both boys and girls should you be hosting a co-ed birthday with this theme. Follow this online step-by-step guide hosted by Miley Cyrus in order to learn those funky moves from the movie! You could even have a dance contest or combine it with a musical "freeze" game. PINATA FUN Fill a guitar pinata with candy, stickers, jelly bracelets and hair clips. Body Glitter for the Girls Girls can mix their own body glitter during the party to take home using this simple recipe. You'll Need: * 1 cup aloe vera gel * Fine polyester glitter (any color, available at craft stores) * Small cosmetic travel container with a screw top, for each girl To Make: Fill the containers 1/4 full with aloe gel. Pour a small amount of glitter in the container. Provide wood craft sticks or plastic coffee stir straws for mixing. Add more gel until the mix is complete. Close the lid and decorate mailing labels with gel pens to attach on the container. Faux Leather Cowboy Vests If you're having a co-ed crowd, these vests are a good craft choice. You'll need: * Brown paper grocery bags * Markers * Stickers (stars, Hannah Montana-themed stickers, flowers, western images, etc.) * Scissors Directions :Cut one side of the bag down the middle to make vest opening. Cut the bottom enough to fit a child comfortably around neck and shoulders. Decorate with markers. Quick and Easy Party Games for This Theme Here's a list of simple games to include when you need an extra activity... * Pass the Microphone - play just like Hot Potato with a Hannah CD playing. * What's Missing - place several items on a tray or in a travel cosmetic bag; Hannah cd, lip-gloss, fashion accessories etc. One player leaves the room. Take an item away. When the player returns, can she guess what's missing? * Twenty Questions with a Hannah Theme * Who Am I with Hannah Characters Rodeo Games * Tin can shoot played with empty pop bottles and a squirt gun. Place three cans on a bench and take turns with the water gun. * Have a rope tying contest with licorice, or real ropes. * Boot Toss - Use large cowboy boots and bean bags. The children will try to toss the bean bags into the boots. Or, use a large cowboy hat. * A game of horseshoes of course!