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What should I do at my 16th birthday party?

My parents rented a place that our village has for parties. It's not super big but not too small. I was planing on around 15 people. There is nothing to do at the place that I rented but there is a park next door. What is there to do at my party? I need games or fun ideas.


  1. Get a ping pong table or a picnic table if this place has one and play beer pong(minus the alcohol.) lol. Just play with soda or something. Should be fun!
  2. throw a sleepover! get drunk :) you could play truth or dare-popular games for teenagers :p play twister play last card in groups play chess watch movies hope u like my ideas and have fun with it!!
  3. No-Mirror Makeover - Split everyone up into teams of two. One girl must do a makeover on herself without a mirror and the other girl can guide her with words only. It's really funny. Give prizes for the best. Table Pong (Beer Pong minus the beer). If you don't have a ping pong table use a few chairs and a door, it works just as good. Since you're not old enough skip the alcohol, use something you like instead & give a prize to the winner. Lie Detector - Pass out a piece of paper and pen to each of your guests. Have them write down 3 facts on the paper. Two of the facts must be truthful and one of the facts must be a lie. The lie can be as silly, outrageous, or as believable as you want it to be. Then, go around the group and have each person read off their facts. The rest of the group must then try and guess which of their facts is the lie! KARAOKE! No explanation needed, rent a karaoke machine & sing away. If you can't afford to rent one, there are sites online that have the karaoke music with lyrics. Balloon Truth or Dare - Write out 10 truth questions and 10 dares each on small index cards. Carefully place the card inside each balloon and then blow them up. During the party, each guest can take a turn popping a balloon and either answering a truth question or completing the dare.
  4. Go casino!!! Lol have done black jack dealers and poker tables! Play for fun, where a cocktail dress and drink virgin daqueries. You're becoming a women celebrate! Unless you're a guy.....
  5. Get drunk, do drugs, have sex and hire a stripper or two.