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What sort of stuff can I do at a sleepover?

Me and my friends love to have crazy sleepover parties but we often run out of stuff to do. We do the usual makeovers, truth or dare but we get bored after a bit. We're all girls and we can not sneak out. We don't have access to a car.


  1. look up games online and mabye whatch a scary/funny movie , then you could just dance around for abit with some awesome music ,or mabye make up a dance rution you an go on youtube.com for some ideas , if you are still bored then i guess you could play a board game or something like that. oh... and a fun game to play is when one perso will say one word then the next will say the first word that pops into there head but you have to say it fast and don't think about it . have fun hope i help
  2. talk about boys dress up barbies pillow fights compare eachothers boobs