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What can I do over the summer at home by myself?

I only get together with my friends a few times a month, so I have a lot of days when I'm at home with just my crazy family. I don't have much transportation, its mainly me and my computer. What are some fun things I can do online or at home by myself?


  1. Suggestions: (1) On-line distant learning (2) If you know any musical instrument/s, try to practice more/enhance your skill during summer (3) learn to or perfect your baking skill (4) clean up the house, home improvement stuff (5) doing up your garden, if there is one (6) make friends with neighbours
  2. I use habbo.com Try that, its a fun 3D site that you can use for free & its totally legal. have fun :) x
  3. Well you can play games online, like at http://www.addictinggames.com/index.html or http://armorgames.com/ And you can watch tv shows and movies at www.hulu.com And you could try something like facebook.com to stay in touch with friends.
  4. de this list for me, my friends, and family so it might be a little weird, but here it is anyway: play on trampoline play on trampoline w/ water go to the pool bake a cake Slip-n-slide (with tarp) ride your bike around the block update you iPod/Mp3 player (songs) play with chalk go to the park play run the bases play wiffle-ball have a picnic have a bake-sale have a lemonade stand go shopping have a scavenger hunt make a website (www.webs.com) have a bake-off have a bubble bath bake chocolate chip cookies play on the swing-set plant a flower make a movie (using video camera) tumble in the back yard (kate) stunt! make bracelets make dinner for our family play a board game clean your room coordinate a sleepover make a fort play Wii tye dye a shirt go camping in our back yard DANCE PARTY! make popsicles in the freezer read a book write a book have a tea party (with costumes and iced tea and cookies) make a coke rocket, or explode a coke draw start a diary make a smoothie make a scrapbook play cards have a water balloon fight go to the library play an online game play jump rope make up a hand game start a club make a tree house start a band make up your own sandwich make your own kind of camp (soccer, cheerleading etc.) invent a dance move make a collage have a family game night find a pen pal (www.stonesoup.com/main2/penpal.html) put on a play write a song have an egg-drop fly a kite make something from recyclables create your own holiday get a tan attempt a world record play kitchen play dodge ball try to sound British create a routine on the trampoline enter a contest make pound cake make up a recipe make a gum wrapper bracelet (http://jas.familyfun.go.com/arts-and-crafts?page=CraftDisplay&craftid=11851) watch T.V. create a log of what you eat everyday for 4 days make your own ice cream have a race: skateboard down our driveway on you butt have a water relay go to a friends house play hide-n-go-seek add things to this list stretch pretend to play American idol make your own music video spend the day taking pictures have a sleepover everyday of the week (with different or the same people) have a garage sale have a bon fire play Frisbee learn how to do the spongebob dance (search it on youtube) go to the zoo hang a swing from a tree learn all the lyrics to a song (www.metrolyrics.com) make your own cake walk create a rollercoaster at your house have a mini-garage sale walk to Wawa have a blind-folded makeover go to the dollar store and buy stupid stuff make a sign for your door organize a party make a puffy paint shirt make a piñata wash mom or dad’s or Melanie’s car make your own popcorn clean out your closet create your own board game paint your nails have a day at the spa at our house clean out under your bed make a bookmark teach one of your siblings to do something wear a pedometer run around the block 3 times do 100 push up throughout the day freeze a go-gurt write your friend a letter learn a foreign language make a treasure hunt play mafia search your family tree see how many people have the same name as you play keep it in the air go geocaching play capture the flag paint a picture play pin the donkey sumo wrestler fight (using big balls in office) go pillow skating (on trampoline) sew your own pants ride your scooter around the block make a C.D. (burn it) play pirates? (matt’s idea) have breakfast for dinner or lunch take a hike decorate your own flip-flops egg race play volleyball play tennis at school courts reenact your favorite show put on a puppet show search a word on Google and try to get the least amount of results (EX. Smacker tinsel fishcake) go to www.girlsense.com and create outfits decorate a drawstring bag with puffy paint have a movie sleepover. Rent lots of movies and watch them all night! make play dough make a really thick string bracelet  write a letter to the future you use washable dye to dye your hair a crazy color! play 4 square pump up our basketballs!! go to the movies take a nap meditate save up your money for something you really want stay up for 24 hours with your friend