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How much did you initially spend on your first baby?

I am not asking about the week to week expenses after the baby is born. I am trying to get an estimate from people who have already been through this. How much did you approximately spend initially on the baby before he/she was born? Like for the crib & bedding, changing table, dresser, nursery decor, bassinet, pack'n'play, carseat with base, stroller, highchair, bouncy seat, bath tub, etc, etc. Everything you buy before the baby arrives, even all the little things. I am bottle feeding so also bottles, etc. I don't want an itemized list of the expenses, more like an overall amount you think you spent, or would have spent if you didn't have a baby shower. Also, any tips or stores that you've come accross online besides the obvious Target, Walmart, Babies R Us, etc.


  1. i don't know total cost - but you should check out craigslist.com - as most people no longer need their baby stuff for very long there are a lot of listings on there for baby supplies - very cheap and/or sometimes free.
  2. hmmm....well, i didn't have a baby shower, but i did have some things bought for me...the total for clothes, bath stuff, bottles (but not formula), crib, EVERYTHING was somewhere around $3,000, i believe. if i had gotten everything i really WANTED instead of what was necessary it would have been closer to $4,000. http://www.babycenter.com is a really good site.
  3. It's tough to give a ballpark, because there are varying prices for everything you have listed, and it really depends on whether you went high-end, middle of the road, or cost conscious when acquiring things. If I had to estimate all of the things from nursery to strollers/carriers/etc. apparel to bottles, to supplies that we made sure to have on hand for my son's debut (including gifts), I would probably guesstimate in the $3000 range. Within the first few months, we probably acquired an additional $1500 in items, both long term (e.g. toys) and shirt term (toiletries, bottle warmers, etc.). And we did not go high-end on purchases (more middle of the road). This excludes monthly expenses. But this all also depends on the cost of living where you are located - middle of the road prices in CA or NYC are exhorbitant in some other locales.
  4. i spent around 6-700 but i didnt buy everything you listed. not everything is really needed because most of the time you wont even be thinking of using half of it the main things are crib, carseat, diapers, bottles bedding things like that i havent used a changing table for any of my children but that is just me i am estimating that if you buy all things you listed you will probably spend around 2-4000. when you buy the carseat you should buy the carseat, stroller combo because it comes with both and a base for the carseat. you are not going to need a highchair for a while. some furniture places sell baby furniture too i would try getting it in a combo rather than separately if you plan on getting everything. oh and there are alot of things on craigslist.com