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Where can I get baby decor catalogs?

I'm looking for catalogs with baby furniture, decor, bedding, etc. Does anyone know where I can look? Thanks for any help given!


  1. JCpenny, Land of Nod,Pottery Barn Kids, Sears, Target (pick up at store) are a few. Also I found great ideas in Home Depots Wall Paper - the kid ones - they let you check them out. Also if youre just looking for ideas, try the library too,they'll usually have at least a couple books on baby room design.
  2. http://www.landofnod.com/catalog/request.aspx https://secure.potterybarnkids.com/cust/catalogrequest.cfm These are the websites for Pottery Barn Kids and Land of Nod - they are both really fun catalogs to browse through.
  3. I swear by my Pottery Barn Kids and Ikea catalog, you can order them online.
  4. Depending on your budget - pottery barn is way expensive for the quality, honestly and jcpenney cuts their 6 piece sets and sell three piece sets of the same item for a 150% profit, so they are high as well. I suggest online catalogs, or sites, or the yahoo search engine for "baby nursery bedding" you can always look at the expensive places - then find what you want online or in the local store. here is a list of manufacturer's so you can go to their site: cocalo.com (cocalo, baby martex, kimberly grant, oshkosh baby bedding) glennajean.com dolly.com cottontaledesigns.com these pages carry the baby bedding for girls, boy, or themes as well, such as airplane baby bedding, dump truck baby bedding, flower baby bedding, garden baby bedding, etc... Also since it is winter - the sherpa baby blankets are also in the lists above. The most popular sets for girls right now is: Sugar Plum Crib Set - Cocalo Alphabet Soup Baby Bedding - Cocalo Blossoms Crib Set and Accessories - Baby martex Hey Cowgirl Crib Set - Cotton Tale Designs Ooh la La Crib Set - Kimberly Grant For boys it is: Under Construction Crib Set - Osh Kosh Baby Hey Cowboy Crib Set - Cotton Tale Designs Farm Yard Baby Bedding - Kimberly Grant Baby Safari crib bedding - Kimberly Grant Batter's Up - Cocalo And they are ALL precious. Hope that helps!!!