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Decorating ideas for the top of a cabinet?

I have a really pretty entertainment cabinet in my Family Room. Currently, I have 1 large pillar and 2 smaller candles on pillar holders. I also have 4 tealights. I used to have pictures towards the back. I am looking for decorating ideas to mix it up. I have had essentially the same decoration for the past few years. I get most creative around the holidays and am also looking for ideas for that time. Last year, I decided to treat it like a mantle, and hung stockings on the side of the cabinet. I also tried to weave a Christmas type of garland around the candles but just couldn't get it right. I could really use some ideas for everyday decorating and also for the holidays.


  1. Golly... there are so many ideas you can try, the mind boggles!!! Have you looked in home decorating magazines while waiting at the checkout lines??? Look for the LONGEST LINE possible, grab one of the magazines, and start browsing! I'm sure there are a lot of online websites that provide home decorating ideas... and what about all those tv shows on HGTV or DIY? Go to the arts/crafts stores and start going through every aisle... you never know when inspiration will strike. Go to FURNITURE stores, too... their displays often show some very innovative ideas for decorating! HAVE FUN!!! I envy you!