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What is the difference between a family room and reception room?

Is the reception room a living/siting room? If so then what exactly is a family room? How do you decorate it? What do you do in there?


  1. The family room is not as formal as the reception room. It is a place for the family to gather and relax. The reception room usually does not have a TV or any form of entertainment. The TV and other entertainment furnishings are used in the family room.
  2. A reception room is the area where guests or business people are asked to wait until the party they came to see is available. A family room is quite casual, usually has comfortable sitting areas as well as TV and other things a family would enjoy when they are relaxing.
  3. There are reception halls and reception rooms.Reception rooms have no television unless you have no other area for family room. Some reception rooms are built next to or opening to a dinning room. reception halls will have minimal seating(maybe a bench) and usually a small table(for receiving packages) and coat area for guest. My old house had this layout. which allowed for dinner guest to move from reception area to the dinning area through french doors without going through other rooms.Sounds grand but not really. Also allowed for an area that was closed off to salesmen,gardener etc.. Sometimes a Living room or family room can have a reception area also... loads of people use the living room as a reception room, some even do a combination if size allows (dinning and reception area are combined) Some are small some will be grand reception areas. Some house have family room ,reception rooms and parlors and so on..
  4. Well a family room is a room where the family gathers up and relax watching tv while a reception room living/sitting room is mostly for guest and no tvs just sitting and talking to each other. hope this help