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How To Charge For Interior Decoration Work in Florida?

I am starting an interior decoration business in Orlando Florida (I already got some projects to work on). The problem is that I do not know how much to charge for my services. I know how to decorate houses. I need to learn to bill. Do you have any idea how much I should charge and what factors I should take into account when I do so? Thank you


  1. Interior decorators here in San Antonio, Tx. charge anywhere from $70-$100 per hour and we are a low cost-of-living city. So I am sure you could get more in Orlando, although if you stuck kinda in that price range you might get more work. Unless they are in demand anyways, then maybe it wouldn't be unreasonable to charge $100-$150 per hour. ~jaz~
  2. the best thing you can do is call other interior decorators and find out how much they are charging to get an idea of what your competition is doing. Look to see if there are any BBB complaints on those companies. Then use that info to better understand your clients. You also have to consider how far you have to travel to get there!