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Interior decoration business?

I am starting an interior decoration business in Orlando Florida (I already got some projects to work on). The problem is that I do not know how much to charge for my services. I know how to decorate houses. I need to learn to bill. Do you have any idea how much I should charge and what factors I should take into account when I do so? Thank you


  1. I would do it like this. Go look at the project, ask the owner what kind of budget they have and go from there. For example.... My aunt wants decorations from the highest name brand and fashion stores there are.. where as my mom wants the same kind of look with cheaper scale furnishings. Since you are just starting out, try this first. You can then say, yes I can do it for that amount, or no, there's no way that's possible. After you've been doing it for a while then you will know more about what kind of clientele you are looking for, and what to charge.
  2. We have an hourly fee for shopping with or for a client. We have a project fee which includes design fees, tradespeople's fees (finish carpenter, plumber, electrician, carpet layer, painter, etc.), supplies, equipment, rentals, etc. when we create a design for a room remodel. Often, appliances, fixtures, window treatments, built-ins, woodwork, flooring, furniture, etc. will be listed out separately. Although discounts to the trade on appliances is not significant, they are wholesale on furniture and drapery fabric for example and we add our percentage to that.