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My feng shui kua # is 7. How do I decorate my apartment interior?

I reside with my husband whose feng shui kua # is 3. My kua # is 7, so how do I balance both our Kua #'s for interior decoration? Can I just focus on mine for home interior decoration and my husband's at his office interior, as per his kua #3?


  1. Sorry to break this to you, but feng shui is a load of crap....
  2. you need to understand that fengshui is not about decorating or furniture arrangement. it is more like arranging the different rooms in certain locations. i assume that you have read lillian too's books regarding the east-west method or 8 mansions method, as it is known in fengshui. so with this method, you can apply good fengshui in your house. but this method has its limits - that if both of you are of opposite sides (east and west), then what is lucky for you may not be to your partner, and vice versa. that is why, most fengshui practitioners do not use this as their primary method to apply. in my case, i usually use the advance method of this to enhance another fengshui method. most fengshui practitioners use flying stars method (you can read this in joey yap's xuan kong flying stars book), then use the other method for enhancement.