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What are some easy things to decorate a 17 year olds room?

Im a 17 year old girl. And I am really tired of the way my room looks. What are some ideas to change it up a bit? Maybe under $150? Decoration ideas. I cant paint my walls because i live in an appartment that we are renting. My walls are white, my carpet is white. all my furniture in my room is white, pink, or black. those are pretty much the only colors in my room. What are some things i could get for the walls or like accessories for the room.


  1. i would say to paint your walls pink and an aquatic blue. or pink and black which ever. also get a cool bed spread that mathces your theme. try to clean up a bit also because a mess is always ugly!!!
  2. well, i think definatly changing the color of your walls would be a great start. And go for a color scheme. You can buy some throws and pillows that can accent the room a bit, maybe some rugs too. Try putting plants everywhere (if you want real-cheap, get fake flowers, they're just as good) candles here and there, and rearrange ur furniture. It makes your room look more new. New light fixtures are good, nothing too expensive will be good enough check this out: http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/sr=1-6/qid=1187806432/ref=sr_1_6/602-4227349-7722257?ie=UTF8&asin=B000FFVYR8 this light fixture will make ur room look more modern, and it adds a bit of interesting architecture, which is what every room needs! Happy decorating! hope i helped ;)
  3. Hang a tapestry either home made or purchased.
  4. sorry you did not say what color your walls are...........since you rent, You gotta use curtains, throw pillows etc.....Maybe you could try some border. in a beautiful floral design....good luck
  5. Ikea has some great canopies and curtains you can use to jazz things up as well as inexpensive accessories like pillows, Little tables etc. My 16 year old uses a cool bed canopy and dressed up some shelves using funky foxes to store things in. She also took a huge bulletin board (biggest she could get and "collaged" it with pictures, also works to get a big cheap frame at Michael's and do big picture collage inside it. Good luck.
  6. Go to a fabric store and find some cool designed fabric for new curtains and pillow covers. Try some accent rugs. I would go with psychadelic circled designs in the shades of your room, something really colorful with all three colors in it.