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How do you decorate a room shared by an 11 year old and 7 year old girl?

Both of their birthdays are this August so my dad is redecorating their room and he's assigned me to find some ideas. With the 4 year age gap there, anyone have any ideas? I can't think of anything!


  1. For colors, I say pink and brown. It is both cute and mature coloring. Try to get furniture to match that color palate.
  2. Keep it simple. Maybe just solid colors for the most part, like maybe pink (or purple) and yellow (or green. Then add special accessories on their own beds and make a bulletin board for each girl that they can call their own. For example, one bed and bulletin board could be decorated with butterflies and the other side of the room could be accented with princess things, etc. That way, they can change the little accents and accessories as their tastes change.
  3. You could split the room in half, and decorate according to each others likes. Or find something that they both like and use that as a theme. For example if they like a certain animal or tv star.
  4. I would do bold colours. Don't go with a theme, like Hannah Montana or whatever, because they're going to grow out all of that pretty quickly. Instead try a vibrant room, like hot pink and lime green. Things like that. A bright, yet dark purple would make for some good accents in that room too, think the pillows and lamps or something. Anyway, I have no idea what colours they like, but try to avoid black and reds because they're just not good for bedrooms :). Good luck.
  5. i say keep it really plane and cater to what there likes are more likely to be when they get a little bit older... growing up is done quickly and their likes and dislike will change alot if you go for something nice a plane and jazz it up with posters and furnature and things that they would like. your dad doesnt wana be decorating their room again in 3/4 years cus its too babyish for them
  6. Go neutral. The 11 year old is going to grow out of pink FAST and may hate the room in just a few short years. I'd go with something they can both enjoy that isn't overly girlie, like blue or green. Make it interesting, but give them both something different. Show their personalities in the bedding--this way, when their interests change, it's a little cheaper and easier to change up their bedroom too.
  7. butterflys and bright colors find out if they both like bright colors like techno orange and Fusion colorss like hot pink !
  8. don't do a theme. they are both too old for that. look for a pattern that is classic and not babyish (like damask) and go from there. match the palette of the room to that.
  9. My sister did a classic American look....all gingham and hearts....but not the tacky kind of hearts...more like folksy...Little House on The prairie...it is very girls and pretty...but cute...
  10. I have the same problem except with boys. lol Here is how I handled the situation. I drew an imaginary line down the middle of the room. The room was painted the neutral color. The boys had personalized accent decorations on their respective sides of the room. The making of a Jake side and a Robby side let each of them have their own space even though the shared one room. I sat with both of the boys to brainstorm. First thing was to choose the color pattern. The older one wanted purple and black while the younger wanted blue and green. (And I thought a common color would occur! lol) I chose an extremely light gray color for their walls. For the bedding, I found reversible comforters that had their colors. Now for the decorating part. It is much easier to decorate the accessories than to do the room. You would not believe how tastes can change between 11 and 14. lol I chose to keep everything neutral except what was on each boys' side of the room. I made a corkboard for each of the boys. This was extremely easy to do. Gently pry off the frame and paint it one of the colors that the child likes. Set aside to dry. Next, find a piece of remnant material that the child likes. (For my younger son, I found material that had the planets imprinted, for the older son I found black material with musical notes.) Cover the corkboard with the material, fastening it in the back with staples. Reattach the frame. This board is handy for reminders, pictures, and other things the child would like to tack up on the wall but you save the wall from nail holes. (These are also easy and inexpensive to change as the girls' likes change.) Find inexpensive lamps that have a white ceramic base and plain shade. Using ceramic paints you can either paint things to match the material on their boards or you can use hodge podge to glue the material's designs to the base. You can also try gluing the material to the shade. Three dimensional objects can also be glued to the shade... just use your imagination. (For my teen daughter, she cut out the designs on a dark purple piece of cloth and glued it to the shade. It made for a really interesting design when the lights were out and the lamp on.) If you want to do more with their beds, you can do so easily using those towel rings that fasten to the wall. Remove the headboard of their beds. Fasten matching rings a few feet over each head of the bed. Take a piece of material that matches their respective corkboards and lamps and attach it to the ring. Attach the other end below the head of the bed creating a triangle of material where the headboard used to be. You can make an interesting knot, make a bow to cover the ring, use a complementary solid to make a bow, or even go more interesting and find something from the pattern to attach over the ring. For example, it one of the girls goes for butterflies on a purple background, you can use a couple of giant butterflies from the dollar store and have them attached to ring. If one goes for a more abstract look, you can get different lengths of ribbon in the colors she chose and let them dangle from the ring. This is another item that can be easily and inexpensively changed as they get older and their tastes change. Involve the girls as much as possible. Since the decorating is really in the accents, they will have a lot of input. The older girl will want to have her side look older while the younger will want to have a kid's room. Posters, the corkboards, lamps, throw pillows, and other accents are all projects that they can help design and create.