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What are some DIY craft ideas that I can make for my baby's room?

We're expecting our first baby, a boy, in late July. We're decorating the nursery in bright colors and a loose theme of dinosaurs and robots. What are some good craft ideas I can use to make a lot of the decorations myself? I've searched around online but I'd like to hear some personal opinions as well:) We can't paint on the walls, and we don't need any window treatments. Other than that, I'm willing to try anything!


  1. First congrutuation for you will be a happy mother. Lucky for you, here is a webstore on amazon, it has many home decor, like beding sets, curtains ,wall paper, cute quilt , toys and creatives. For baby's room, I think try your best make it cute ,pretty and cozy. You can use floor runners to decorate the floor, use cute and pretty curtains to decorate the window. http://www.victoriasdeco.com/category/22703955661/1/Window-Treament.htm http://www.victoriasdeco.com/category/22703834321/1/Living-Room.htm http://www.victoriasdeco.com/New-Company-Store-kids-Blue-Railroad/M/B004HH5T8U.htm http://www.victoriasdeco.com/search.htm?keyword=wall+paper http://www.victoriasdeco.com/search.htm?keyword=haileyuan Hope can help you
  2. go to pinterest.com and search baby DIY or baby craft....etc. u'll find loads of stuff
  3. I'm very happy for you! #1) for the windows you'll need 2 'either dark blue,or black poster board,draw your shapes with chalk/you will also need glue,and either tissue paper...Or what I call,easter basket wrap...The object is to make a poster board size/stained glass look alike for the window (to dim the room)..#2..The same idea works for mobiles of course....#3.So for the wall,get good old fashion(contact paper) either cut out shapes, or cover 2 accent walls, Love MotherskyDragonfly ps dragonflies are for girls and boys HINT ck me out on blog spot/or Dragonflyalezia at g mail,let me see how you do...Glitter kissesxxo
  4. This is just a simple idea.....go to a craft store and get a shadow box (or as many as you want)...you'll need a hot glue gun & sticks...they're cheap, can find at a dollar store even. Then when you take off the backing of the box, you can glue on anything you want to tell a story. Ideas for that: take colored blocks and create a 'robot' and glue on....paint on any details (paint cheap at craft store, too) Make a dinosaur from felt pieces and glue on....add flames or whatever. Just copy from a pic you find somewhere (a book, online, etc). Make a Baby one....add shoes of different sizes as the child grows. Then glue on cute numbers at the bottom of each pair that tells the age...shoes don't have to be perfectly "clean". You can make a shadow box of anything...and gluing the items to the backboard helps them to stand out. You can colorful paper or velvet or fabric or cardstock as backing. You might want to see if there are removable stickers to add to the wall decor--kids use them all the time. Or create your own paintings in a frame to hang. Or get a bunch of square canvas frames and arrange them on a wall. Each section will have a painted part of a robot....connect some parts with Slinky toys...or they can BE a part (dangling arms, legs, whatever). Don't overdo it...the baby will be crawling around and you won't want the child to get into these things...only safe toys for the baby!...so keep things out of reach.
  5. you hsould think about going to michaels, toys 'r us, and i have also found http://www.homeseasons.com/ as a place that has some pretty cool decor. you might want to get some 4th of july decor for the simple fact that the baby will be born in that month.