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What are some tips for decorating a small room ?

unfortunately I am stuck with the smallest room of the house, but still grateful for my personal space. What are some tips for decorating a small room and making it look more spacious? Color suggestions for a girl in her early 20s? no pink.


  1. Personally I like going for a contemporary look (heavy contrasts in colours - usually greys/blacks/whites). Make use of your walls! Don't stack everything on the floors or tables, put up some shelves on the wall, this really can open your room up. Put a mirror or two in your room, this creates a great illusion of extra space. Consider ways to open up your room to more light. Never let your room become extremely cluttered, this will always make it look so much smaller than it really is.
  2. Here's a great guide to transforming your bedroom (on a budget): http://www.homeclick.com/community/forums.aspx/general-1_homeclick-newsdesk_low-cost-methods-transforming-bedroom And another on creating a cozy bedroom retreat: http://www.homeclick.com/community/blogs-design-eye.aspx/_designing-comfy-bedroom-retreat Bright colors will open up the space significantly. Consider multi-tasking furniture, too. And sparse furniture. If it is really small, you may consider a futon for a bed. Fold it up during the day to make more room. Whatever you do, don't clutter it. Less is going to be more. Good luck!
  3. I would like to suggest you that try Futon Sets and sofa bed for decoration. It will help you to decorate your home more spacious instead of doing other thing. My bed room has small area, but still I maintain it with some furniture items. I always focus on only new furniture items to decorate home. Try once and lighten up your home. Alex!