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What color should I paint my computer room?

It is a small room , we put a computer desk/shelf combo, added a small loveseat,a filing cabinet to hold , and going today to buy another entertainment center . (we are removing the kids border of course) (the one we have is too large, and the t.v. is old,,and we don't use the reference books , and the kids never play the games, nor watch the movies....) So, I want to make this room,,,more updated, w/ a warm feeling. I thought about a different taupe that is on it now,, I want to make it comfy w/out having a theme per say.. I thought about adding palm tree decor but will that go out of style soon? Should I flow my living room decor into this room? ( tuscany style/ slate tables, iron decor)


  2. Don't paint it, just put Windows in it! HAHAHAHAHA!
  3. Mine is forest green and I love it. It should have some transitional value to the living room.
  4. Robin's egg blue. It is a very nice color. -Brandon Everett Spurgeon
  5. I woud say, it should be painted either in maroon or blue as everybody else have suggested. It shoud get the look of a cosy living room.
  6. Peanut butter color is warm and rich not being too dark. Fake plants are becoming passe. I wouldnt put a palm tree in there.
  7. If you leave the door open to the room most of the time and it's visible from the living room; I'd go with a similar color scheme. Pick out a nice piece of art, a pillow fabric or something you just love that has a pattern in it in/for the living room and base your color scheme on that. Just take out 3 colors from the object and that will help you make a very wise decision on color choice. Tuscany can also mean you can color block a wall with something rich...and paint the rest a neutral color. Removing all of that unused stuff is a good start cause it will definitely help make the room look larger. I like red color blocking with the iron decor, and perhaps a warm golden color for the other 3 walls.