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What kind of room decor goes with blue and white plates?

My dining room needs some serious redecorating, but there is a display of blue and white plates on the wall that must stay. What sort of colors/themes goes with these plates? I have white walls and navy curtains right now, and while that matches, it is hideously boring.


  1. A mustard yellow, or any dark shade of yellow wall color goes very nicely with blue. You could even do just one wall the yellow to really add depth.
  2. Good Day, Yellows goes great with blue and white accent with glass vase and flowers. Watch design shows...happy painting..
  3. Yellow.. It will make the room feel warm and sunny, and provide a soft backdrop for the dark blue of the plates. Matching isn't always the best way to decorate. Instead of making sure every element matches another element, choose complementary elements to create visual impact. Good luck!
  4. I agree, yellow does go nice with blue and white. Sounds like French Country to me, you might want to add some red. I've pasted a link to a picture of a french country dining room that uses Toille (pronounched twa-ll)
  5. http://www.poshliving.com/catalog/1074/2266/product_list.asp?1=1&show=149&start=1