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What wall should be my accent wall in the dining room?

My kitchen, dining room and living room are in a U shape and I have picked out a taupe color from Ralph Lauren (devonshire is the name) to paint all 3 of the rooms. I would like to to do a red accent wall in the dining room to help make it pop. I just don't know how to pick the wall to paint. I was thinking the one wall that the kitchen and dining room shares or maybe better to do the one that the living and dining room share. Anything to make things look bigger and pop. Any ideas! I guess I should have said that also we are putting in harwoond flooring in the dining room and living room that is a medium oak color. Does that change which wall to choose.


  1. Paint the small wall in the accent color
  2. Red? Running a McDonald's?
  3. I love your colors! An accent wall is great. It's hard to visualize the actual layout so I will answer generally. Think about what two rooms, kitchen and dining OR dining and living, you want to unite. Without seeing it I would say to unite the living and dining room and keep the kitchen a separate entity, but it all depends on what two rooms you think would blend together best taking into account flooring and furnishings in the rooms. Does this make sense? Good luck!
  4. The flooring doesn't make a difference as to how you choose your accent wall (although it does sound nice!). I would decide which wall to make the accent wall by deciding which wall you want people to focus on. Will you be hanging some kind of wall decor on one of the walls? Is there an architectural feature? Whichever wall you want to draw attention to - that should be your accent wall.
  5. i agree with emgeealex
  6. your accent wall should be the one that you see when first enter the room it set the tempo for the whole dinning experience
  7. I would pick a wall that is small and interesting (window, doorway, arch maybe?). It's kind of hard to say without seeing the rooms. Good luck with it!