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what color should i paint my living room?

my living room and dining room are part of one larger room. i'm thinking light blue living room and darker but neutral green dining room. my furniture is black and my couches are light brown. is light blue a good color for living rooms? i very traditional in my decor.


  1. Puce :-)
  2. you know what may be nice is an almost blue/grey color. grey is great because it tends to trick the eye, depending on the light and should be a nice compliment to your furniture. also, since you have traditional taste, it's a very nice neutral and will compliment the green dining room.
  3. what if you did deep goldish for your living room, and rdeep red for your dining room? gold /yellow is supposed to make you happy, and red hungry? but the colors you have chosen will work to
  4. I would say that it all depends on the windows you have in your room. if you have a lot of light then you can go with a darker colour (light would go good as well) I suggest either light blue, light yellow, or green goes nice. for a dining room a light colour is good to get you having a good appetite, for a living room I would suggest a creamy colour that brings energy and a positive vibe. ex: some shade of yellow/ peach, blue would do good too (but make sure it isnt too dark because it can be depressing) and a cream colour can also do nice since your couches are light brown. if you want a natural looking room with those couches I would also suggest light green. hope this helps.
  5. Your rooms should be any color that you like. And - any color will work if you coordinate the decor to match the things that go with your color. I have white top and bottom bright bright blue in kitchen and bright brick red in my living room with browns and grays. Gray striping on one wall and gray slash down stairs on another. Brown sofa and green chairs and green oriental rug and dark walnut tables (10 of those). Lots of colorful art from around the world (original oils with reds - blacks and grays). Japanese block prints on rice paper with lots of greens and brown to play off green rug and chairs and include sofa. I am very traditional too but have old and new mixed with modern art with antique art and new furniture with antique furniture. And that red pain is conservative for this room. I like it and that is what is important. Blue is nice and serene and if you like it, it will be perfect. Bright color can be traditional and conservative if you decorate to your taste with it.
  6. 1] your idea - light blue LR, green DR 2] paint walls that face each other same color. Example: north and south LR blue, north and south DR blue; east and west LR green, east and west DR green. Then put same drapes [ a print or stripe with blue and green would be nice ] etc. up in each room. 3] paint facing walls same, as above; then paint east and west DR walls color of kitchen walls. 4] paint LR lt. blue with green drapes, and DR green with light blue drapes 4] just make sure one large item carries over from LR to DR: same flooring, or same paint colors, or same window treatments, etc.
  7. My LR and DR are connected by an arch. Noth rooms are off white (berber wool) and the two walls that connect except for the archway are paint deep red. If I were to do it over I'd go with a green rather than red.
  8. i agree with the person who said gray-blue. i think i heard on hgtv or tlc that blues should be avoided in a dining room because other than blueberries there are hardly any blue foods
  9. Traditional can mean various things: colonial, country, Queen Anne, Regency, shabby chic, etc. Today, some 60s and 70s styles are coming back and are so considered somewhat traditional as well. Unless you have a reason for having two different colors in two different areas of a room, don't. Instead, have an accent wall (three walls of a rather neutral color and the fourth wall a totally different color, like blue or green). Either that or install a chair rail (or, maybe better yet, a wallpaper border) in the middle of the wall and paint one half light blue and the other the dark green. I agree with the individual who mentioned the lighting. Your lighting is an important consideration in what colors to use. With a lot of light - combined with a larger area - you can get away with some darker colors. Of course, with the darker furniture, you may prefer lighter colored walls. Whatever you decide, just make sure your throws, pillows, area rugs, etc. coordinate with the color on the respective walls. Also, you could decide to get furniture covers, print or otherwise, to blend better. Same thing with black dining set: cheerful table cloth and chair covers.