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What should I put in a crystal basket for decoration on my hutch?

I just got a crystal basket for a present. It looks like an Easter basket really, but its crystal. I'd like to put it in my hutch in my dining room, but I also want to put something in it for decor. Not candy or something like that. I was thinking of maybe flowers or something, but I dont know how I would arrange them since the bottom is different and not like a vase, so I need some more ideas. Thanks!


  1. put water in it and flower petals
  2. potpurri colored stones or marbles
  3. How about some pretty rocks or seashells? Or if the shape is righ, maybe a candle?
  4. How about a bunch of translucent glass marbles? Would look super if your hutch is illuminated inside.
  5. crystal flowers (real expensive) but um fake shiny flowers, a bow, fake fruits.. if u want to put the flowers up put those hard spongy things in it so u cant see or like styrafoam and stick the stem of the flowers. it would look real pretty with a crystal flower... http://www.crystal-wholesale.com/images/557.jpg stones or marbles are unique too
  6. Potpourri will look nice and smell nice. Or some eucalyptus branches also pretty and fragrant,
  7. How about some glass flowers or roses? Something else glass or crystal with a splash of color would be pretty. Like these: http://www.glasslilies.com/glass_flowers.html http://www.gallerybelleau.com/bellgallery.php?imgdir=Glass%20Flowers&artist=1 Maybe you can find some inexpensive ones on eBay!
  8. I think you could still put silk flowers in it, maybe with some silky fabric in the bottom of the basket to hide the stems. Some crystal type grapes would be lovely, maybe available at a craft or dollar store even. Also, some nice blown glas eggs would be pretty. Something will tickle your fancy.