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How to decorate my living & dining room?

Help! I just repainted my living & Dining a kinda dark tan color and have accent wall by the stairs Red my furniture is all brown/dark brown its all pretty open i can see the kitchen from the living room and dining room so i need help with the decor curtain, wall art, carpet,etc what color should they be? I like the modern/ contemporary look


  1. It's hard to say for sure without a picture but sounds like white or a pretty print would work. The print should have a light background since everything else is dark. I do personal consultations at http://www.interior-decorating-diva.com
  2. Many decorators would suggest a warm pale gray plus red with the furniture and wall colors you have. Very sophisticated. I like these chats for decorating advice: http://live.washingtonpost.com/home-front-0505.html?wpisrc=nl_home Live chats every Thursday, and can read online anytime after! A 'birds egg" blue would also be pretty or other lighter blues or turquoise. Turquoise was last years "color of the year" and this year it's "honeysuckle", a slightly coral-ish pink which would also brighten up your space. Even some tones of yellow, if you are careful or a granny apple green. Granny apple green and turquoise together--ooh--that would be fun. All the colors mentioned (except maybe yellow?) are fairly easy to find in accents and accessories now, too. Don't forget to have some patterned fabrics to break up all your solid colors. Find a print you love that has 2 or 3 colors in it you like and use that as inspiration-- then find solid color accessories with those colors. Much easier to find the print first, and use that for a jumping off point than to choose colors and then try to find a print that has those in it. Even if you don't usually go into fabric stores, try looking there for a neat print and maybe put it on throw pillows or even your drapes. If you don't sew, you might hire someone, but sewing pillow covers and drapes are super easy and you could learn--it's just straight lines! Have fun! (oh, and new throw pillows and pillow forms are fairly expensive--just recover one from a thrift store if that doesn't gross you out.) What great question. This was fun to answer.
  3. you can have a curtain in dark and light colour in four Pisces the dark colour curtain will stay at the both the corner and light will be in center. For wall art you can decor the wall with picture,hanging frames http://www.toysandinteriors.co.uk/ekmps/shops/toystoys/images/umbra-monarchy-white-butterfly-wall-art-decor-9250-p.jpg this link will give you idea of wall art. dinning table hang the lamp in center of dinning table it will look beautiful. http://www.alldoing.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/modern-dining-room-designs-5.jpg
  4. My aunts kitchen / living room are similar to yours! She has the kitchen and living room open to each other, and a sun room off the kitchen. She also has the brown / tan walls. She has a dark brown couch and some pretty teal pillows that also have brown in them. The curtains are light and flowy! And she has lots of picture frames, and some paintings of turqouise flowers. And the bathroom off the kitchen also follows this theme! I hope that helps.. :)
  5. https://jennssweetscents.scentsy.us/Home I am sure you can find something here that would look great on any surface with the added bonus of making your home smell amazing!