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where can i find home decor to go with the color pallet i chose?

my living room / dining rooms color pallet is brown, black, beige, and blue. Im going for a modern urban look. Im looking for cheap wall prints to hang on the wall ... i have frames already. Im also looking for fabric and accesories. Anyone from experience know where i can find stuff cheap. I already tried AllPosters.com but didnt find anything for my liking in a print.


  1. cb2.com, I love this place. I would also suggest taking a picture that you adore whether it is a person, scene, or object and go to a print shop and have them enlarge it and have them do a monotone look to it. Its like a black and white picture but instead they can change it to blue, brown, green whatever. I used to work at a print shop and I did it all the time. For accessories, try refurbishing old pieces and making them new again. Paint it lamps whatever color and find a nice shade to go over it. Using large wholesale stores have items. I google/yahoo a lot of stuff for ideas. Type modern art and pictures come up and usually a website will show where it came from. Use carpet reminates for rugs but glue/sew a trim to the edges to make it look finished. Curtains you can do the same thing. Buy cheap curtains see through curtains but sew a linen edge to it. Example, beige curtains, and take a brown linen to sew the top and bottom so it looks more modern or sew linen lines down it. You can probably do iron on stuff too. Michaels Arts and Crafts stores have all that stuff. Hope this helps with ideas. Mander B.
  2. Go to a craft store and look through their decorative paper (the kind used for scrapbooking). Some of them are pretty enough to frame and with the right combination they can look quite expensive and unique.
  3. No need to go anywhere, the internet can do it all for you. :) Try this. Go into Google or Yahoo image search. Key in brown living rooms or beige living room suites or whatever you think best describes the item you're looking for. Voila, you now have thousands of photographs to choose from. Most images link to a website for more information and or links to where you can buy from. Below is an article I found that you might find interesting, good luck!