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What should a new student bring to their college dorm room?

what kind of things should a freshman student bring to a college dorm room? I have no idea and no one in my family has ever gone to college before . .I thinking mini fridge I am going to Berea College in Kentucky . . .has anyone ever gone there before? I have no idea. . .What did you bring? Please help me out


  1. Don't bring too much, it's no fun moving it all back to your parents house at the end of the year! clothes of course, a bike, mini fridge, a few kitchen appliances that you might want (i.e. blender for margarita's =P),a laptop if you own one, some pictures/posters if you want, and your bathroom stuff. That's about it :) maybe a few other small things that you can't see yourself living without:D
  2. A mini fridge is definitely a good idea, but check to see if your school provides one (some schools provide Microfridges with the room, which are just mini fridges with microwaves attached on top). Here's a link with a pretty good list on it, you might not need everything on there but it's a good place to start: http://www.collegeboard.com/parents/apply/college-applications/21381.html Some things I would add would be duct tape, batteries, and light bulbs. Also, let me emphasize one item on the list: a FAN! (You will definitely want a fan, although coordinate with your roommate--if you have one, you don't really need two. Dorm room temperatures can be pretty variable and aren't very easy to change, so you'll want a fan to cool your room down in the hot parts of the year.) Maybe in the next few days just think about what you're doing throughout the day and see what kind of materials you need to do it. Then be sure to write those things down (if they're something you'll also be doing at school) so you remember to bring them. Try not to bring too much stuff though, that's a more common problem than not bringing enough. You'll surely forget some things, but it won't be a big deal and this way you can be fairly prepared. Good luck!