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How much does a college dorm room mattress cost?

The other night my college dorm room mattress went missing. I believe I will have to pay for it but I am just wondering how much something like this would cost me. I mean the college does buy them in bulk and they are industrially made and extra long. So, they seem kinda hard to find at a local furniture store. Any ideas? Thanks. Well, actually, it was put in an elevator as a prank. And the mattress wasn't mine. And after it was put in the elevator we sent it to the first floor in a nine floor building. So someone in the building definitely took it, but I don't know who.


  1. Your mattress went missing? That must have been one heckuva party. I've heard of a one-night-stand where your lover leaves your bed but I've never heard of a one-night-stand where the bed actually leaves. She must have been quite the dog. Or maybe you got so busy with classwork that you forgot to shower for a few days? Even college beds have standards. Did you check the closet? Maybe the mattress is hiding in there? I suppose you could call everyone you know and ask, "Hey, did I leave my mattress at your pad?"