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What colors go with a really light brown living room?

We just painted our living room and I am wondering what colors would go with a room that is almost a tan, but lighttttt brown color? What color curtains should we get? What color decorations would go well? Thank you!


  1. Black.
  2. Dark blue with buttons :) or skip the buttons
  3. You could go in a few different directions with your color scheme. But if it were my own living room I would go with greens and darker browns. I would use earth tones. Since the room is light brown I would do green curtains. You can use many shades of both green and brown and maybe even some blues for your decor. I hope you can put my ideas to good use!
  4. Our living room walls are a light brown color, called Mushroom Bisque. Our main color themes in our living room are sage and cream. Our curtains are mainly cream and the bottom of the curtains are a dark brown (matches our furniture).
  5. I would play w/red hues for the curtains & whites (trimming, shelves & whatnot)
  6. I think bringing in some aquas would be awesome! And some white or cream color items.