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What does it mean to have your baby registered?

I just saw a question about registering your baby for stuff to buy. Is that for a baby shower? Or what I'm planning on buying for the baby? I'm 10 weeks pregnant.


  1. you go to the store andpick out the items you woul dliek to recieve at your shower they give you alittle scanner and you put your choices on a list. that way people canj ust look at the registry guide w hen the go to buy you a gift. they can also see what has already been purchased. congratulations!!!!!
  2. For the baby shower.
  3. It's for your baby shower! So exciting--- create a baby registry at BabiesRUs or Target and scan away (baby necessities like diapers, onesies, blankets, toiletries, bathtub, bottles, etc.) But don't go overboard. A long list can be a turn-off and the guest will sometimes end up buying you something else. Hehehe...
  4. It is very similar to a bridal registry but for babies. It is for showers, but also for other people who just may want to get you stuff. I am going to use mine to help manage what different people get us so we don't end up with multiple items such as two cribs or car seats. You could put everything you are going to buy on the registry or save some things that you want to get yourself and put others on the registry. It is totally up to you. (Crazy, isn't it?) Common registry places: Pottery Barn Kids, Baby's R Us, Target Congrats on the pregnancy.