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Any ideas on what color to paint my bedroom?

I need help on what color to paint my bedroom. My comforter is white with yellow, navy, and brown flowers all over it. I also need a color for curtains that would look good, any ideas? Thank you :)


  1. Hi Ashley, Out of the white, yellow, navy and brown - which are your favorite colors? Since your bedroom is a place for you to relax and enjoy - go with what you really, REALLY like. Some ideas that I thought about are.... Consider the white as an accent color. Use it as the trim paint around your windows, the ceiling, and crown molding if you have it. Also, you could get some items that you think are really neat and paint them solid white and sit them around your room for a more updated modern look. Don't forget to think about getting some fun fur, soft or textured fabric and make pillows for your bed. The brown in your comforter probably goes with the furniture in your room - if you have wood furniture. So let that color just do it's thing on your bed and don't worry about it. The yellow and navy are great color combinations together - if you like them. Consider using those two colors mostly and build on that. One idea might be to take a design (or flower) from your comforter and enlarge it REALLY big and paint it blue on one of the walls, or on 2 walls and have it wrap around the corner. Paint the rest of the room yellow! Obviously, you could switch and do the opposite, too. If you have matching shams on your bed, consider buying inexpensive frames and cut the shams to fit within your frames and hang as art. Doing this will bring your colors and design around the room. Also, if you have extra fabric left over, use some of it to make cording for your pillows - or make a laundry bag in white and cut a shape you like out of the leftover fabric and use fabric glue and glue it on the front. Then hang it in your room as a useful decoration! I would consider getting window shades for your room that closely match your bed - especially if it is wood. Or you could make roman shades in either blue or yellow with color cording to pull them up or down (making the cording the opposite color the shade is made of for an updated color blocking feel.) Without seeing your comforter pattern I cannot give you any suggestions on getting any other patterns to go along with it. If you need to go with what you have - just think solid colors, and in various textures to add interest and fun in your room. One idea, too, might be to purchase a solid color blanket (yellow or navy) and keep it at the foot of your bed to break up all the colors in your comforter and basically set the tone as to your color scheme direction. Also, for wall decor you could get several old frames picked up at Goodwill or yard sales and paint them all in navy blue and yellow then just paint your walls white. Hang the frames in random order by themselves, maybe overlapping them, and enjoy a inexpensive art piece! Here are some rooms that might inspire you. Ignore the age a room is for and just look at color placement around the room. Glean what you like from them! http://www.decorpad.com/photo.htm?photoId=87478 http://makelyhome.com/chevron-eclectic-yellow-gray-white-teal-bedroom/ http://346living.com/2011/06/03/area-rugs-on-carpet/ http://our-own-home.blogspot.com/2010/11/stuff-i-love.html http://www.potterybarnkids.com/products/madras-duvet-cover-blue-brown/ http://www.jbrulee.com/pd-barclay-butera-bedding---del-mar.cfm#.UUeBAo6G-gE This is the wrong colors but look how great plain color sheets go well with a multi-colored comforter! http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/arlesart/5951003/multi_floral_bedding_set_pink_white_/commercial/home_and_garden/bedroom Well, I hope I have a been a little bit of help with your design dilemma. I wish you the best! Blessings, Suz
  2. What kind of look are you tying to achieve for your bedroom? Do you want a girly themed bedroom? If so you can paint it pink or light purple as well as light green, these colors will perfectly match your bed sheets. As for the curtains try net curtains they come in several colors and designs that will give your room a new look. The good thing about this type of curtains is that they won’t entirely block the sunlight from entering your room, which means your room can still be bright during daytime without turning the lights on. You can check out some pretty net curtains design at Net Curtains Online.