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Small Room Decorating Photos Questions Answered!

  1. Redecorating a small powder room, does anyone have any photos or ideas for paint color and accessories?

    I am redecorating my powder room and not sure what color to use, it is off white right now, but i would like it to be elegant and warm..does anyone have any photos to share or ideas of how to decorate a small powder room?

  2. How to decorate small room?

    Hi guys, I just moved in to a house (will only be here a year) but my room is pretty small. Heck, perhaps I would consider it tiny. It should be around 100 sq ft. I have a Full Bed, and am planning to purchase a new desk. Are there any ideas as to what I could do to make the room look a tad more spacious and at the same time a contemporary yet clean bedroom that will also serve as a study area. I really enjoy black and white photography, but I don't know how frames on the wall will make my room look more spacious.

  3. Any tips on how I could decorate my small room to look bigger and clutter-free?

    after years of having to share my room with my brothers, I finally have it to myself. But now my parents take my room as their second closet. I need ideas on how I could decorate and make my room clutter free. Im also on a budget. Thank you!

  4. How can I make a small space appear bigger?

    We just bought a new house, and are decorating on a budget. All the rooms are pretty small.

  5. Any good online resource for me to learn more about decorating my new home in modern contemporary theme?

    I have seen some nice photos from the renovation interior design gallery on the modern contemporary style, which uses a lot of white, red and black colour element. We would like to make one for our new home but we are on a low budget so the interior designing company is not a option for us. We hope to DIY on this modern contemporary style / theme. Is there any good online resource or online shop which we could get more information and product on modern contemporary design theme?

  6. If you have a small room how would you organize it?

    I have a small bedroom and I also use it as my study room. How can I decorate my room, place furniture and all, to have the feeling that it's wide and a real, nice place to pass time - that wouldn't make me get bored easily to leave it. Because at the moment I am not content how it is. Any great ideas? Thanks you!

  7. What are creative ways to decorate my dorm?

    I have a very small space to work with, and am looking for ways to hang photos or decorate my walls. One of my friends hung pictures on a string with clothes pins, so I'm looking for ideas like that. I can't use nails or anything that will damage the walls though.

  8. What are some fun ways to decorate a teenagers room that are affordable yet really cool?

    I want to redecorate my room and i need some ideas on how to make it my own.

  9. What is the difference between English Country and French Country decorating?

    Whenever I see photos of each style, they pretty much look the same. Is there a difference? I am trying to decide on a style for our bedroom. Thanks!!

  10. How to make my room look like a hotel room with small changes?

    My room is like a typical college student room with loads of stuff everywhere. I need make it look like a hotel for a project. Creative ideas are highly welcome! @ultint: Yes; I have many hours to work on this, even days but I don't wanna do anything that is undo-able. I'm thinking about a casual hotel room, not luxurious in particular but not like some cheap motel room either.

  11. What color to paint dining room ceiling (red walls)?

    I am planning to paint my dining room a vibrant red with a slight warm undertone. I am wondering what color to paint the ceiling. My trim around ceilings, windows, and baseboards are oak wood. Hardwood floors. I think white would look ridiculous. Adjoining rooms are the kitchen where walls are kind of a light orange sherbet color, and living room where walls will be a cappuccino color. Any suggestions for dining room ceiling color?

  12. What are some good ways to decorate my home office to make it more inviting?

    First of all, I live in a rental, so painting walls or any remodeling is out of the question. I am lucky enough to have an extra room dedicated to all of my business files, computer, etc. etc. but each time I sit down to do any work at home, I inevitably find myself on the couch (or the floor) of my living room in front of the TV with papers spread out all over. I do have a small TV in the office room just for entertainment while doing boring tasks, but does anyone have any ideas for me so that I ENJOY going into this room and stop toting all my papers back and forth between the living room and the office? Thanks! (my business thanks you too! :) )