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Small Room Decorating Tips Questions Answered!

  1. Decorating a small living room and I need some assistance.?

    Does anyone have any decorating tips on how to make over a small living room. The room is the shape of a large square and is right off of the dining room with no separator wall. I also have two large windows on the two side walls. I have a large book case in the corner that I am considering either removing or decorateing. Also would slip covers or on the furnature and new throw pillows be worth the investment?

  2. How should i rearrange my small room?

    alright, i am a twelve year old girl who has a very small room!!! I need more ways to arrange it, cause i like, no LOVE, change in my room!! I am about to make it like a sea side room, with blues, greens, and whites. It is a perfectly square room, also. And i cant really do the Fueng Shuey way, or however you spell it, because of limited space. All i want to know is how to arrange my room, and mabey a couple of decorating tips?!?

  3. Need decorating tips. I have a small apartment. How do show a separation between my living room and kitchen?

    I live in a small apartment so there is very little that I can change. The living room and kitchen are only separated by a chair rail that is on the left side and goes half the width of the two rooms. I want to break up the areas to give them their own identities. Any other decorating tips for a small kitchen would also be useful.

  4. decorating and organizing tips?

    i have a small room and closet. i don't have enough room for a dresser in my room, so i need to fit my clothes in my closet. i need some organizing tips for my closet and decorating tips for the rest of my room. Thanks!

  5. Wall colour for a small room, low lighting, and mauve carpet?

    I am wanting to change the colour of my very small room. It is in the basement and only has a small high up window so not a lot of natural light (this does bothers me). It also has a mauve carpet that I cannot change. I am fond of vintage and victorian design and would appreciate some decorating tips as well. The furniture in the bedroom is mostly white with some pine wood. Thanks for helping me out.

  6. How do I make my office seem bigger or any office decorating tips in general?

    I live in an apartment and I'm in the mood for some redecorating, but I can't paint the walls. I want to redecorate my office but the room is shaped oddly and it bothers me...It has five smaller walls instead of four walls and one wall is completely taken up by closet doors. Anything to make the room seem bigger? Or any other good home office decorating tips? I just can't paint...it's in the lease. The walls are like antique white. I can stick all the holes in the wall I want to hang things...Just no paint.

  7. How do you decorate your entryway without a foyer?

    We just bought a house (first time homebuyers) and the entranceway opens up to stairs straight ahead, or a living room to the left. A wall is directly to the right. I want to keep this area visitor-friendly and nicely decorated, but free of item pile-ups. There is just a very small amount of space available. Anyone have any good decorating tips or advice?

  8. How to furnish a tiny room (9 x 10)?

    It will be my 2nd time living in a dorm room.. and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on making a small room, more livable? Decorating tips? Your help is greatly appreciated! =]

  9. Decorating a really small bedroom with modern style?

    Help! I have a small bedroom (maybe 10x11 feet) that I have somehow managed to squeeze a queen bed, a dresser, and an armoire into. I am about to redecorate it, and I want to make it look bigger without using colors I don't like. I really like brown, light or dark, and other warm colors. Red is my second favorite. But I fear that red would overwhelm people in the small space. The floor in my room is carpeted in white, and the ceiling is white, too. I can't change those things. I can paint the walls though. Also-I have an alcove-like space in my room that I don't know what to do with. Any decorating tips for that? Any tips you have on decorating or working around the small space would be great. Thanks! There are so many great answers! Thanks, guys! But, also, what about bedspresads? This is where I'm really getting tied up. Do I go white? Or brown? Help! (Please.)

  10. What are some decorating ideas for a low ceiling basement?

    I bought a new house and the basement is only 6ft high. I want to try and make a liveable area down there. Does anyone have any decorating tips? I don't want people to feel chlosterphobic while they're down there! =)

  11. what is the best wall for painting an accent wall?

    i have a small room 10ft by 10ft. the room is decorated with the futon/bed under the window. the wall across from the window gets the most light. one wall has a door to the bathroom. the other is a small wall next to the closet and sink. i have manhattan mist (behr paint) in mind for the color of the room. i like purples and greens (accent colors). have any tips??? please give feed back. thanks in advance.