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Room Decor Games Questions Answered!

  1. What color should I paint my computer room?

    It is a small room , we put a computer desk/shelf combo, added a small loveseat,a filing cabinet to hold , and going today to buy another entertainment center . (we are removing the kids border of course) (the one we have is too large, and the t.v. is old,,and we don't use the reference books , and the kids never play the games, nor watch the movies....) So, I want to make this room,,,more updated, w/ a warm feeling. I thought about a different taupe that is on it now,, I want to make it comfy w/out having a theme per say.. I thought about adding palm tree decor but will that go out of style soon? Should I flow my living room decor into this room? ( tuscany style/ slate tables, iron decor)

  2. What are good pieces of room decor for a Los Angeles Dodgers themed room?

    I am remodeling a room with a Los Angeles Dodgers theme and would like to know a few things like pictures, sports collector's items, etc that would make my room look awesome.

  3. What would be a good christmas gift to get a picky older brother?

    He is 24, not a very big drinker, and is super picky! he doesnt seem to like any gift. i cant buy anything over about 75$. ps. doesnt have a big appartment, so not alot of room for decor please help! :)

  4. How do I transform my dining room into a train carriage for murder mystery dinner?

    Hi there, Can anyone help me with simple ideas on how to make my dining room look as though it's set on a train in the 1940's. Any ideas would be much appreciated..

  5. How to decorate my almost 3 year old daughters room?

    Her room is a pale green and she loves cats.

  6. Design a Room to be used in a different way than normal?

    In my new house the entry room is a Large room that typically people use as a formal sitting area and a second dining area. I DON'T want to. I want ideas on what else I could do to the space. A play room? Some help please!

  7. What is a good christ as gift for gamer husband or in general for husband?

    What is a good Christmas gift for husband? He likes to play computer and Xbox games but not only gifts pertaining to that what is some good gift ideas?

  8. How do you set up your house? Any tips? Where and how to find the perfect place for your couches, beds, etc?

    Any ideas that will help set up a house? How should couches or T.V be put into your living room to get you the most out of them? Is there any website that will make a plan for me really cheap? A website where i can post a map of my house and they will do everything for me? That would be a great help! Thanks!

  9. How do I decorate my new room?

    Okay so my older brother is going to college. He has the biggest room in the house. My parents said when he moves out I can have his room and turn my old room into a hangout place for me and my friends. I am a 16 year old girl. Any ideas for my new room or anything cool to do with my old room to make it a cool hang out for me and my friends. And please don't make it anything expensive, I have a super small budget.

  10. How to make a terrarium coffee table?

    I saw large homemade aquarium tanks filled with nature scenes. I want to customise mine to fit my tuscan decor with fountains and such, but the size of my tank/table would need to be 30" wide x 4' long! So how can I make my own, what materials are needed, and where do I look? Examples, websites, ideas would help me a lot! Thanks!

  11. What would you include in the perfect "Man" room?

    what would you include if you were building a "man's sancturary" in your home. What type of decore or items would you put in it? Would it be a theme room or maybe a collage of all your interests?

  12. What are some games that can be played at a surgery/sick party?

    My friend is going to be having surgery soon, and we decided to host her a party before she has it. It's going to be surgery/hospital themed, with people dressing up in scrubs like doctors and nurses, decor to look like a hospital, etc. So what are some games we could play that would fit into the theme?

  13. Any birthday party ideas for twelve year old girls?

    My little sister is turning twelve. I'm helping her and mom planning the party. We are going to invite ten other girls, ages 11 to 13. It would be awesome if you would share ideas for: -games & activities -themes -decorations -food -invitations really, anything! At the time of the party it will be very cold and dark, probably snowy. Thanks!

  14. What do you like about your comic book and collectible store?

    I am interested in getting some more info for an assignment. What are the things you like most about your local comic book shop or collectible store. What products are you most interested in, what is it about your favorite place that you like from different atmospheres to the different decor.

  15. Where can i find Chinese zodiac ornaments?

    I want to find them so i can hang them in my room or keep them in my room. I just wants some because i like chinese culture and things.

  16. Does anybody know where to buy Caillou bedding or room decor?

    I have a 2 year old son who absolutely loves Caillou.... I want to do his bedroom in Caillou but I can't find anything with Caillou on it other than the toys, a few pillow cases and clothes. I am hoping to be able to find a bed set, curtains, and furniture, all with Caillou on them. I don't care how much it costs or anything like that, as long as it is new or in great condition. I am not having any luck at all. Any help would be VERY greatly appreciated.

  17. is there a cheats for sims 2 that automatically impresses the headmaster for private schools?

    I want my teenager on the sims 2 to be able to get into the private school. I can't seem to impress the headmaster though. I will not accept hacks or bugs that will ruin the game or take up alot of space.