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  1. What are good room design games?

    It has to be online and free. no downloads plz. thanks!

  2. List of decent pubs/bars in Brighton?

    Just wondered if anyone could recommend some good places to check out on a Saturday night- Good atmosphere, a few drinks offers/deals, a pool table (not essential), and a good size are a few key points. We're staying in a hotel opposite the pier, but will walk into the main centre. Cheers!

  3. How can organize this ? Please help ! It is a disaster?

    I have so many books , and I have some magazines as well that I need to keep , I do have a book shelf , but it is full of photo albums and junk , when I try and organize the stuff so that I can add my books it doesnt look right , hat wouldbe the best way for me to do this ? I am trying to clean up my office room it is soo small , and I still have a day bed in it , but I am moving it out in a few weeks , So that I can put another computer desk in here because my desktop is sitting in the floor and I have been using the notebook for awhile . Where in the world to I even start to get this room back to being just my office ?? All the junk happened over Christmas when we had company , and Now that they finally left the room is HORRID !! I have in the past few days cleaned it up so much , but it is the fact that everything is out of place due to the kids , like for instance there is a whole photo album with no pictures , and the pictures I discovered are under the bed ...My cousin doesnt pay attention to her 20 month old .... I even had to buy a new toilet becuase the child stuck rocks in the toilet and then her mama flushed it .....That doesnt pertain to this but I feel like I have been used and I am disgusted with the mess they made Anwaysomeoneplease give me some good tips on organizing a book shelf ...It was once done and looked so good , but it isnt anymore ..I will give 10 pts on Monday to the best answer

  4. I had a crappy childhood and I want the childhood I never had. Help!?

    I am about to be 30 years old and I have been trying to reclaim the childhood I never had. My real father took off before I was even born. In 1982, my mother met a man that would eventually ruin our lives over the course of 20 plus years. My mom knew when he first met him he was no damn good, but she had 3 kids and married the jerk anyway. He was verbally,emotionally abusive to all of us, especially me. She left the discipline up to him. Including being hit with a belt. I remember when I was 8 years he tore swiches off a tree and whupped my ass with them and it left welt marks. It was over something dumb. My mom was never home, she was always working and he was too busy getting high and drinking to keep a job. Since he wouldn't work, my mom had to. Most times since my mom was at work I was left home alone starting at age 5 years old while she was at work during the day in summers and after school. From age 8 on up I was forced to babysit and never had a life in or out of school. On occasion when I was free I would go to one of my so called friends house and stay out until evening. I hated being at home and being alone. I grew up so fast and looked for attention in the wrong places. Between 1984-1989 we moved 10 times from different states to different towns. My mom had minimum wage jobs and he would take the rent money and spend it. We were evicted from several apartments and rooms. He stole our stuff and use it to support his drug habit. She eventually divorced the fool, but the damage has already been done.I live on my own now, but I am having difficulty dealing with never having a childhood. I grew up in the 1980's and I have been trying to reclaim some of that. I intend on fixing my place into a 1980's decor. I only buy 80's stuffed animals (care Bears, etc) 80's posters, 80's music and only have 80's video game systems. I spend hours watching 80's commericals online several times per week. It makes me cry. I spend what little money I have to fill my place with anything 80's. I just want the time back I lost. I know I can never go back, but is it normal to want to go back to your childhood and try to live it how you wish you had it?

  5. Twilight Party Question?

    What do I need for a Twilight party? PLEASE PROVIDE LINKS ON HOW TO MAKE THE STUFF! :) thanks