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Barbie Room Decor Games Questions Answered!

  1. decorate a girls room?

    Alright so my little sisters 9th birthday is coming up. We want to suprise her by decorating her room all princessy. For her slumber party. We want to know ideas. So any one got any? Also we need game ideas and activitys and ideas to make a cake into a crown made from cupcakes for a princess.

  2. perfect present for a 12 yr old?

    ok i already put this ? up but i didnt get the answer i wanted she already has everything electronic(this includes gameboy, nintendo DS, wii, cell phone(she just got it about 2 months ago) and laptop(her very own noby else uses it)) oh and a tv in her room she is spoiled rotten i kno but i love her anyway she is a girlygirl and isn't that into clothes or shopping for that matter she also has a ps2 and enough games for each of her electronic stuff

  3. Sharing a room with my sister and just can't stand it anymore!help?

    Practically every since my sister has been alive I’ve shared a room with her. I’m sick of it. it’s a really small room. I want privacy. Right now she is in 3rd grade (9years old). I’m 13, I am one of those people who are not obsessed, but love to have their stuff clean and neat. My sisters way of cleaning is throw everything on her bed. She even puts the stuff on my bed sometimes!! Also when I want to be alone, she doesn’t. also if I want to have friends over or go to their house, play video games, or anything the room has to be clean. Also ill clean it and then that Saturday my sister will go to a birthday party, she almost couldn’t go to, BECAUSE THE ROOM WAS A MESS!!! Also I keep my sweet guinea pig, mocha, in the room. And my mom will sometimes threaten to take her away for good, if the room isn’t clean by so and so date. Also, the room is purple with Barbie borders(only @ the top). And I hate barbies, and my least to favorite colors are pink and purple. Also I need ideas for personalizing my room.(I’m very artistic) Also more about my sister, she is a night owl, so am I, but not on school nights, and I’m actually quite. Unlike her who is like woo and yelling! also she’s been a brat lately, she takes my stuff too. Also my mom try’s to deal with this, but she works hard and is a single parent. any more questions just ask! also it takes less than 2 school days(1saturday) to make the completly clean, neat room into a tornado wreck! i do try speaking with my mom, but its hard and complicated.she just doesnt know what to do, so if you guyys have any ideas about it, please put that in your answer. my sister is a veryhard to explain in words, she doesnt get off your back. and yah i probably will laugh at it

  4. help please!?

    so i have a little sister named lana. Her birthday is in a week. The only thing she wants is a barbie dreamhouse? but i thought that it would be more special if i built it. I cant afford wood? so how could i build a good quality doll house with cardboard?

  5. Is this a good personal essay? PLEASE HELP?!?

    This is a personal essay I had to write for english. It had to be about a childhood memory and had to be about how someone or something affected our lives. Please tell me what you think, honestly :) Thanks for reading, and say what I should fix: The best memories of my life were spent with my sister Samantha and my cousin Ty. All of the family gatherings, the parties, and just regular weekend days were spent with them. Every picture, video, and Christmas card was filled with our smiling, half-tooth faces. We were inseparable. No weekend was ever boring with us around. Every weekend was a new game of our creation, most of which were loud, obnoxious, and made no sense at all. Needless to say, the adults in our house dreaded the weekends. We were either making a mess by building a campsite out of sheets, running around the house and breaking stuff while trying to play superman, or making my youngest sister cry because we were unfair to her. Out of all of our weekend adventures, there was one game the adults hated the most. We played it almost every week and it drove them up the wall every time. They began to hate it so much it was banned from the house, and every time we played it we were sentenced to a time out in the chair. The name of the game was Slouder Barbies. The game was simple and very repetitive, but somehow it kept us occupied for hours at a time. My sister and cousin would play several dolls, they were a family called the Slouders. They had this huge purple train that could hold tons of Barbie furniture and they would stuff almost every piece of plastic décor we had into it. They would say they just picked all of the stuff in the train up from the dump. They also had anywhere from five to fifteen children stuffed in that vehicle. The number of kids they had fluctuated depending on when we played. The doll I played in the game was a very rich, sophisticated woman. She couldn’t stand the Slouders. The whole point of the game was that my girl would move into a neighborhood, the Slouders would follow her and she would get so annoyed that she moved to a new “neighborhood”, which was really just another bedroom in our house. The Slouders would follow her again, and the game would repeat in a like fashion. The problem the adults had with our favorite game was that it was very loud. Every time that purple train ran across the wooden floor, it would sound like a thunder storm down in the living room. My cousin would often make the train get into “car crashes” by banging it into the wall. When my Barbie would get mad at the Slouders, she would scream at them and cause fake fights to bust out in my room. The constant clinging of the Barbie furniture and pitter-pattering of feet across the floor was enough to drive anyone insane. It was like a nightmare that never ended for the grown-ups. One day my cousin crossed the line. In an attempt at humor, he threw the purple train down the stairs saying it just fell off of a cliff. That was it. My nanny got up from the living room and ran towards us like an angry monster. We could run but we could not hide. We scattered in all directions but she managed to catch every one of us. She picked us up, sat us all in the living room, and we had to face her raff. We listened to her furious roar for what seemed like a lifetime. Then came the moment none of us were expecting but my cousin, sister, and I still remember vividly. My nanny got up from her chair, took the purple Barbie train, walked to the stairs to the basement and threw it down into the black hole of the cellar. We never saw that train again.