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Room Decor Games For Kids Questions Answered!

  1. What is the best cruise ship for food and entertainment?

    We're on the east coast, married with no kids, and 26. Food quality in the main restaurants (not just the specialties) is the most important factor. We did not like the Carnival Pride. The ship left out of Baltimore in November with no heat in the cabins and the AC wouldn't turn off. The walls in the cabins were very thin--we could hear everything going on above and beside us. The food wasn't bad; it just had no taste. I had to put salt on my pizza so it didn't taste like paper. The entertainment seemed rather repetitive: Bingo, karaoke, trivia, and corny comedians that repeated the same act night after night. Hopefully all Carnival ships aren't like this, but for the chance that they are, please recommend other cruiselines. Thanks

  2. How to soundproof a room?

    so i was looking at this sound proof foam, and i have to say i didn't expect to be this expensive, im trying to sound proof my game room i build, but is there any way to get cheaper foam thats not $200 to $500? or is there a different way that will work for watching high quality movies, suck the noise

  3. Have you traveled on the Carnival Fascination, Sensation?

    We are planning a cruise to the Bahamas for November. We have found mixed comments about the Carnival Fascination and Sensation cruises, so we're wondering if anyone has traveled on either one of them, even more so if you have done so with children. We have a four-year old. Also, if you know much about any of the the Royal Caribbean International cruises, I would appreciate any comments. THX!

  4. What is the best family vacation spot in the United States?

    Tell me your opinion based on your own experiences.

  5. how can I put together and coordinate a patient appreciation day?

    I want to have a patient appreciation day at my job. My question is what could the theme be? what type of food could I have? How can I invite all of the old patientsand current patients without a hassle? any ideas are helpful

  6. Where do large families go for Vacation?

    We have four kids and one on the way. Well I was thinking ahead of time, and my question is where do large families go for family vacation without going broke, and the kids still have a blast.

  7. Ideas on turning my garage into a cool place to hang out?

    I really want to turn my garage into a cool place for me and my friends to hang out, watch t.v., play games ect. but dont know where to start. any sites with cool wall art or decorations or lighting would be great:) its a really big space, so it can fit alot. just ideas on how to spruce it up to look really cool and fun thanks:) we already have a fridge in the garage. and a t.v. to put in it.

  8. Cruiseing on the Golden Princess to Hawaii?

    Tell me everything I should know please!!! All the people who have gone before, any inside info would to great. We are goion on the 14day cruise out of LA in April. Traveling with 2 adults and 4 kids (7,8,14,16) Thanks so much in advance!

  9. How to decorate my basement as a teen hangout? ?

    Ok, so my sister and I want to make a teen hangout. I'm 15, she's 17. We need some cheap ideas. But we have to install heat and rugs! We'd like a new TV, an air hockey game, a few chairs, a table and we want to make a smoothie bar. We already have a pac man machine. How can we do this on a tight budget, like $1000 or less?

  10. My sister-in-law is turning 7 in a month. Any birthday present ideas?

    No, I can't ask any relatives. Do not suggest this. We'd like to get her something that she in all likelihood wouldn't already have. We have no way of finding out any of her specific interests right now. Generic ideas are wonderful... books, toys, whatever. My friend has a daughter one year younger and says that Littlest Pet Shop toys are loved by all girls that age. Basically, if your child or their friends that age could have anything within reason for their birthday, what would they want? Her Hannah Montanna phase passed about a year ago... then she went through iCarly, and last I heard Zoey 101 was the new thing. I can't see her at all, otherwise we'd love to spend the day with her. Yes... she is turning 7. She is adopted, if the age difference is what's confusing. My husband and I are both only 20, though, so it's not that huge. Not offended at all... my husband and I are both the oldest of our siblings, so all our brother/sister-in-laws are at least a couple years younger. It was weird to me, too. Anyone know what else 7-year-olds would listen to other than the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montanna, and HSM?

  11. Things to do during an 8th grade after-graduation party?

    After the graduation ceremony all 11 grads are going to either our teacher's or the room-mom's house. it's going to be supervised so no smoking weed or anything, and it's gonna be guys and girls so 'giving manicures' is probably out of the question. So any ideas?

  12. Need ideas for prizes for teenagers?

    I need some inexpensive prizes for a graduation party, in other words, kids 17-18. Any ideas other than itunes gift cards? Also... any game ideas that you may have are appreciated as well! The theme is kind of a candy carnival thing if that helps at all. Thank you! I forgot to add... I am looking for inexpensive items! Nothing over about $10 Lady Luck - the box of ramen idea is hilarious!!

  13. Is anyone going on the Norwegian Gem cruise on December 22?

    If anyone is going on the Norwegian Gem on December 22, let me know because thats when i'm going