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Room Decor Games Online Questions Answered!

  1. what decorations shall i have for my twilight themed party?

    I had the food sorted last night but i dont what i shall need for decorations can you give me ideas for my twilight themed party thanx

  2. Does anyone else get gifts from a close friend that you never like or can use?

    One of my closest friends ALWAYS gives me gifts I don't like or cannot use. First of all, I live several towns away from her (two-hour commute) and have to take the bus/train to visit her, which I don't mind doing. She has a disabled child at home is why she doesn't come to visit me. Every year, she gives me big, heavy awkward gifts (she orders online) that I have one hell of a time lugging home on the bus/train. I keep telling her to either give me small gifts that I can carry or else gift cards. I told her my favorite charities also and she could donate to them. I am at my wit's end trying to tell this person to STOP buying big, heavy items. One year, I left a heavy gift she gave me at the bus stop because I just could not carry it any further. She never knew the difference. Money is not a problem for her so she likes to spend, spend, spend. I think next year I just may make up an excuse and not go to visit her. Why can't people LISTEN when you talk?

  3. How can I organize my desk?

    I really need some help organizing my desk. I have a bulletin board and 2 small shelves, too. There are 2 big drawers and 4 small drawers on the desk. I really need some organizing tips before school starts!

  4. What is better? LCD, Plasma, or Flatscreen TV?

    Which one is better? and what brand? The price Im looking for is $1000 and below. I need a good TV for the Playstation 3. And good for watching TV.

  5. Halloween Carnival Theme Party?

    Having it in an apartment, need ideas on how to decorate. using each room as a different aspect of a carnival. We want it to be really really creepy and vintage looking like decorated like an old fashioned carnival at night that is just creepy feeling and looking. Im not sure if I am explaining it good enough but I am sure you get it. we have some ideas but we need more. We want to make stuff on the walls and hang up random posters. Please help with ideas! Oh, I guess I should say how old we are. We are 21 and up so...yeah.

  6. decorateing my room?(im a girl)?

    my room looks blank so im planning to save up money and spend it on things for my room but i dont really have any ideas.My walls look blank and i dont really have anything on my shelfs and stuff.

  7. Christmas Ideas For 14 Year Old Girl?

    Okay so since Christmas is coming up soon my parents are asking me what I want for Christmas, and before you say I ma ungrateful I am already donating 200 dollars to a charity in Africa. I am really stuck on what to get to put down on my list, and I don't want my parents spending money on something expensive that I will not use. This is also extremely hard because i live in Singapore, but have found a website that allows me to buy stuff online from the US and be shipped to anywhere in the world. So here is a little bit about me: Likes: Stationary Sports I'm getting into make-up clothes (forever 21, abrecrombie, aeropostal ect) Room d├ęcor cooking Dancing Things I don't like: Drawing Dresses/skirts Dolls Little kid things Video games Things I already have: Laptop Ipod Our family has an Ipad Thanks you :D

  8. Harry Potter themed 16th Birthday! Ideas?

    Basically in june it's my 16th birthday and I want a harry potter themed party. I have general ideas on food but not for decor or games etc :/ I was wondering if any one out there had any ideas? Its all girls (I go to an all girls school so I don't really have guy friends I'm close to) , and just 6 of us My house is kind of small, a big living room, a small dining room, small kitchen, and the garden is small and filled with a trampoline and swings and a shed and the conservatory is also taking up room from it, but there are good hiding places there! Ummm my bedroom is tiny but if I changed my bunk bed into a double bed there would be more room, my brothers room is long but thin, and my parents room is big. We have a spare room which is quite small. it has a TV though so I was wondering about making each room as "house" the problem is my friends houses are MASSIVE they have life mansions with loads of room, (I go to a private school so they're all pretty well off) but my parents are struggling to pay for my private school and my brothers too. My mum was a doctor but then had to stop because me and my brother were a HANDFUL lol - not her words- my dad was an engineer but went into business then owning a restaurant but since the credit crunch things have gone down hill. Should this really prevent me for having a good time? I was wondering if there was anyplace I could take them as well as my house? I'm going to buy ties and scarfs and wands for them and their houses. I was thinking about dueling as a game too! But if I decorated each room as a "house" what would I do in each? All suggestions are welcome, for food, games decor, no matter how crazy they are!! :) thanks xxxxx