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Play Free Girls Room Decor Games Questions Answered!

  1. Is my college checklist ok? Am i missing anything?

    I know i over packed by ALOT, but seriously i need to over pack, please don't tell me im overpacking! Just tell me if i missed ANYTHING! Here's my list: Supplies: Huge binder for each class - with a divider for each unit or topic Pencils (Mechanical and non-mechanical) Pens (Red, Black and blue) Gel pens Highlighters Notebook for each class extra lined paper Portfolio/Divider Dictionary USB Eraser Graph Paper Backpack Pencil Case Pencil sharpener Colored pencils Scissors post-its sharpies markers flash cards white-out pencil holder (for my home desk) ruler * BTW this dorm room is HUGEEEE and i might not even be sharing*** Everything else: kleenex fabric softener dish sponges dish soap body wash lotion my proactiv q-tips shampoo and conditioner handsoap shaving cream razors floss toothpaste tooth brush hair brush garbage bags garbage can deoderant face wash / face products makeup (i got a huge collection) towels bath mat curtains/ curtain rod (my school allows them) Bath curtains Hair products / tools (straightener, hairspray,etc) matress pad vacumn/broom sheets comforter body soap poof/ loofa feminine hygenie (obviously im a girl) laundry soap laundry bag iron and ironing board organizing containers my desk my vanity printer extra ink boxed food & microwave stuff dorm fridge and microwave Botteled water and other drinks (i dont like coffee) toilet paper paper towels Dishes - a couple plates, cups, forks, etc T.V. Laptop laptop bag Wifi - connecter (my school has free wi fi we just need a cord - ethernet or something) Camera iPod Cell phone Chargers Lamp Nightstand Comfy chair/beanbag Power strips Batteries pillows Clothes: 5 jeans 2 yoga pants 2 sweat pants 14 pairs of socks 14 sets of underwear 10 bras 4 shorts 2 dresses 1 light jackets 2 heavy jackets (i live in Canada so..) 2 boots (1 for rain, 1 for snow) 10 pairs of shoes (2 flats, 2 heels, rest sneakers) 4 sweaters PJ's slippers flip flops 3 swimsuits mittens hats umbrella sunglasses clothes hangers medicines & vitamins & bandaids alarm clock garbage can (might of already said that sorry ^.^) bank info SIN # calling card debit card/gift cards drivers license medical forms registration info social security card student id earphones ear plugs sleeping mask Wii ( i will die without netflix ;] ) Keys Purses and wallets Calender Bug spray Movies and CD's Wall decor and some cute accessories from PBteen.com Anything i missed and any suggestions! thanks!