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Dining Room Decor Questions Answered!

  1. How can you make purple and red sponged walls work in a dining room with Arabesque decor.?

    All other rooms in my home are cream with beige tile. Most have either red or purple accents. The dining room is situated in the middle of the house. I figured combining the two (red, purple) could be dramatic, maybe even a Moroccan flair. I know this could go beautifully well or tragically wrong. Any suggestions? I have yet to pick furniture so it's an open canvas. Much of my artwork is black with gold accents. The floor is a neutral beige ceramic tile.

  2. What kind of room decor goes with blue and white plates?

    My dining room needs some serious redecorating, but there is a display of blue and white plates on the wall that must stay. What sort of colors/themes goes with these plates? I have white walls and navy curtains right now, and while that matches, it is hideously boring.

  3. Is it advisable to have a refrigerator in your dining room?

    My new kitchen is not spacious enough to place a refrigerator in it. I'm planning to keep the refrigerator in the dining room. Will it spoil the ambiance of the dining room? Please advise.

  4. Is it ok to have a very asian dining room in a transitional/traditional home?

    We have a very asian dining room set. We have moved to a very traditional home - our style is more transitional/traditional but I always wanted a round table so I bought this 66" round table which is very asian looking. I could not sell it before we moved.

  5. What wall should be my accent wall in the dining room?

    My kitchen, dining room and living room are in a U shape and I have picked out a taupe color from Ralph Lauren (devonshire is the name) to paint all 3 of the rooms. I would like to to do a red accent wall in the dining room to help make it pop. I just don't know how to pick the wall to paint. I was thinking the one wall that the kitchen and dining room shares or maybe better to do the one that the living and dining room share. Anything to make things look bigger and pop. Any ideas! I guess I should have said that also we are putting in harwoond flooring in the dining room and living room that is a medium oak color. Does that change which wall to choose.

  6. What's the new color trend in kitchen/dining room combos?

    I'm ready to redo my kitchen/dining room combo. Currently I have sage green walls, leaf decor. Cabinets are neutral maple. What is a new color trend to redecorate with?

  7. What color should I paint my dining room?

    I have an eat in kitchen with a dining room off to the side. I use my dining room as a "sitting" room instead... The walls in the kitchen are yellow.. the sitting room is a deep burgundy.. the great room is gray.. You can see all three rooms when sitting in any of the rooms... So what would be a good color in between? Thanks!

  8. what color should i paint my living room?

    my living room and dining room are part of one larger room. i'm thinking light blue living room and darker but neutral green dining room. my furniture is black and my couches are light brown. is light blue a good color for living rooms? i very traditional in my decor.

  9. What can I apply to a table made of very soft wood to protect it?

    We bought a very nice dining room table, made of a beautiful wood with decor on the top corners. Much to our dismay the wood is so soft you can literally groove it by tapping your nails on it. We are now in a situation where it is to be used as our only table and with 3 children, and many young relatives, we are looking to put something on it to maybe harden it, without losing the look and design of the wood. We have considered glass, but are wondering if there are any other alternatives.

  10. What should I put in a crystal basket for decoration on my hutch?

    I just got a crystal basket for a present. It looks like an Easter basket really, but its crystal. I'd like to put it in my hutch in my dining room, but I also want to put something in it for decor. Not candy or something like that. I was thinking of maybe flowers or something, but I dont know how I would arrange them since the bottom is different and not like a vase, so I need some more ideas. Thanks!

  11. How to decorate my living & dining room?

    Help! I just repainted my living & Dining a kinda dark tan color and have accent wall by the stairs Red my furniture is all brown/dark brown its all pretty open i can see the kitchen from the living room and dining room so i need help with the decor curtain, wall art, carpet,etc what color should they be? I like the modern/ contemporary look

  12. How do you make a football goal to use as a birthday party decoration?

    I am making a football field on the dining room table out of construction paper and white paint and I would love to have some goals. My 6 year old is helping with the decor of my 2 year olds party so it needs to be simple.

  13. What number of pictures hung on a wall in a living room, hallway and bedroom is sufficient?

    Moving house and would like to know how much is too much really to hang up on walls. I don't want to overdo it. Any ideas too what kinds of sceneries would look nice in each and the dining room please? The rooms and halls are spacious enough.

  14. where can i find home decor to go with the color pallet i chose?

    my living room / dining rooms color pallet is brown, black, beige, and blue. Im going for a modern urban look. Im looking for cheap wall prints to hang on the wall ... i have frames already. Im also looking for fabric and accesories. Anyone from experience know where i can find stuff cheap. I already tried AllPosters.com but didnt find anything for my liking in a print.