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Dining Room Decorating Questions Answered!

  1. Is it wrong for a Restaurant named San Marzano to use generic tomatoes?

    I work at a place called San Marzano and the dining room is decorated with San Marzano tomatoes. I have only recently come to find out they are using generic tomatoes to make the sauce. This is not sitting well with me and I just wanted to see what the fine people of yahoo's opinion was. I brought this up to some people and technically no where does it out right claim to use San Marzano but I feel it is more than implied.

  2. What color curtains should I put in my dining room windows?

    I am redecorating my kitchen. I am thinking about decorating it with the fat chef, but since my kitchen and dining room are pretty much together I'm not sure what color the curtains should be... The fat chef has the colors white, red, and black, so what color should the curtains be?? My wall colors are like a beige color, so are the floors

  3. Will my dishes look good in my dining room?

    I am decorating my dining room. I have black and white dishes but want to decorate my dining room in brown and green. Will my dishes look ok with the dining room colors I want?

  4. How do I decorate my living and dining room space?

    My living room and dining room is comprised of one large room. There is a window and light fixture next in the area for the dining room. Please HELP!!!

  5. Looking for pictures of grape vines and dining rooms.?

    I want to redecorate my dining room/breakfast nook. I am going to use glass pebbles, green (like the kind you put in fish bowls), to create grape clusters on the walls, with stenciled grape vines. Does anyone have a picture of this? Or of a dining room or other area decorated in this sort of grape vine style? My walls are pale yellow and I need to know what to do to tie the whole room together. I need inspiration!

  6. Painting a dining room and kitchen that are attached?

    Within the next two weeks I'll be moving into my first home I can decorate. I'm pretty excited. One of the rooms I'm kind of confused about is the kitchen and dining room. They are essentially one room. Is it better to paint them the same color, or could you paint them separate colors? Any thoughts or tips appreciated!

  7. How can I turn my dining room into my bedroom?

    In the house that I am renting I want to turn the first floor dining room into a bedroom for myself. I am disabled and that leaves the three bedrooms upstairs for our three children plus a possible "rec" room.

  8. How do I choose what colour to decorate?

    I'm going to be decorating the dining room and kitchen this weekend, and can't decide what colour scheme would go best. Would 2 different colours in the same room look odd, or should I stick to just one colour?