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Dining Room Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. How could I achieve the look of a grape arbor for the dining room?

    I want to make the dining room look like a grape arbor so that when sitting at the table there will vines and grapes overhead, etc. (plastic ones!) How to install a grid system from which to hang the decorations? It doesn't have to be the WHOLE ceiling, maybe just one corner so as not to be overdone. The existing ceiling is just a normal plaster ceiling.

  2. What was a rich dining room table like in the middle ages?

    How were guests seating in dining room tables during the middle ages and what kind of decorations and festivities that went along.

  3. Can you change a dining room to a bedroom in rented accommodation?

    I will be moving into a rented property and was wondering there were any rules against turning the dining room into a third downstairs bedroom. Not talking about decoration etc just literally putting a bed in for someone else to live there? Thanks for your help!!!!!

  4. Ladies, I need your opinions on my dining room's decoration?

    Please click on my link to watch my dining room's decoration as I will walk you through. Therefore, make sure you put on your headphone and turn on the volume high as I explain in detail. My voice won't start until 50 sec later or so. So please be patient with me. http://www.ipdistributors.com/FlashGhost.htm @ Nursie There is no need to put down other people's artistic expression in order to make you feel good about yourself...tsk...tsk...shame on you granny. @Mom Thanks mom, you're da best, but you should watch the entire video, then comment later.

  5. I am looking for decoration and entertainment ideas for a Jamaica Party for college students?

    I am giving a Jamaica theme International Dinner at a college I work at. I need some ideas on decoration and entertainment for theme. I must set up the main dining room with some really nice decorations and would love your input on this. I know I will need reggae music, but what are some unique and over the top ideas please and thank you!!!

  6. How do you get around washing all the dishes in a formal dining table?

    I love the look of a formal, set, dining table in the dining room of my home. Does anyone find that they have to wash all of the settings before using them because they've sat out for so long (subject to dust and other elements)? Is there any way to get around this, or is it just the price of decoration?

  7. What would you like in a meditation/therapy room?

    Im clearing out my dining room to use as a meditation space, somewhere to offer reiki and a general quiet peaceful room. It's a lovely airy square room, gentle lilac grey colour with French doors into the garden. What furniture/decoration would you choose?

  8. What the heck is a formal living room?

    Also, what is a formal dining room, too? I have a general idea, but I don't know how accurate it is.

  9. What every day items can be used as decorations in kitchen, dining, and living area?

    We have a 2 bedroom condo, and the kitchen, dining room, and living area are in a big room. What every day items can be used as decorations-we are in Germany, and so far away from Ikea. We donĀ“t have a lot of stores to choose from, so I need ideas.

  10. What colors look best for a dramatic dining room/office combination? Need ideas.?

    Want to paint but don't have any idea what colors will look good in a dining room/office. I was thinking of Ivory, but need drama.

  11. How do I keep adults entertained at a party?

    Every time I have a party my dining room turns into a frat house. Beer pong, flip cups, you name is started. I know I need to have that or people will get bored but I'm having a cocktail party for Christmas and would actually like to have food layed out, decorations on the dining room table etc. There isn't any other place I can have people play beer pong but the dining room. What are some other calmer drinking games or even just something to keep people entertained? I provide food, drink, music, and huka. When it's warmer I usually have fire pit outside but who knows what the weather will be like it's so unpredictable where I live. No gross answers it's annoying!

  12. How should I decorate my house for my 19th Birthday?

    I want to decorate my living room, dining room, and kitchen for my 19th Birthday party. It's going to be a house party, and I want the space to have a lounge feel. I've already decided that I'm going to have it dark, and have white christmas lights hung around. There are going to be about 50 people there, so I want decorations that will be cheap. Thanks!

  13. How do you preserve fruits or dry them for decorations?

    I'm decorating the dining room in my house and I ran across some very exotic fruits at the grocery store. I thought if I dried them up and use it for display in my house it would look unique and creative. The question is, How do I dry them up without getting bad for a permanent display? I really want the colors to remain the way they are.

  14. Crown molding - appropriate for a room with one open wall?

    I have a billiards room that is three steps down from the dining room. I want to put up crown molding (for decoration and to hide painting edges) but I'm not sure if it will work. A few issues: 1) one of the windows in the room barely leaves enough room for the molding - would this look strange? 2) one side of the room is partially open to the dining room, it has three cut outs where I have bamboo shades, not enough room for molding above the cut outs. Weird to have one wall of room without molding? 3) there would be one corner that the molding would end because around that corner leads up the stairs I did try a few pieces on the regular parts of the room and it does look nice. I just don't know if it would look strange.

  15. What should I do with my tapestry?

    My best friend gave me this nice tapestry and I have no idea what to do with it, but I want to use it. I already have curtains. I don't have many decorations up in my room but the living room is barren also. The dining room needs sprucing but I wouldn't know the first thing to use the tapestry for, considering we already have a tablecloth. We have a second front door (one front entrance, one back entrance) in the living room and we never use the second door. Should I do something with that? Any ideas?