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Dining Room Decor Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. Can you give me ideas/help for decorating single guy's house?

    I'm a thirty-year-old single guy. I like dogs, the outdoors, my Jeep Wrangler, autumn, good wine, travel, photography... I'm trying to integrate my "likes" into my home. I have painted my living/dining room two colors of khaki, and a chalkboard-green wall. I have a brown leather couch, and walnut tables and bookcases. I've also remodeled my guest bathroom - new flooring, hardware, paint, etc. However, I'm trying to get ideas on decorating... accent pieces, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture (blank slate right now) and my own bathroom. I need help finding websites for "bachelor pads" and masculine design (not a lot of flowery-things). I'd like to redo the kitchen with the small tiles as a backsplash. I'd like to find websites/books/magazines that show off a masculine home. Pictures are a must!! The main goals are to have a cool guy's house and up the resale value. Serious responses only... any help is appreciated. Thanks! As I said, folks... I need pictures, websites, magazines, etc. While I appreciate the suggestions, does no one know of ANY place to LOOK at pictures to get ideas? That's what I'm wanting.

  2. What type of furniture would look best with Brazilian Cherry wood floors?

    I recently purchased a home w/ these floors all throughout the first floor. I am trying to determine what type of furniture would look best, and what types of colors match well. In particular, our dining room set and bookcases.

  3. What are some creative ideas for a coffee themed kitchen and dining room?

    I am redoing my kitchen very soon. I plan on redoning it in a coffee cafe theme. I plan on painting the walls a dark red and painting some things black that are on the wall. I plan on getting some coffee signs. Anyone have any creative ideas on how I can decor cheap?

  4. what color will go nice with black, brown, and beige?

    for my home decor i need a color to give the room some spark / wow ... what do you think will go well with black, brown, and beige in a living room/ dining room area? i forgot to add ... unfortunalely i live in an apartment where i cant paint so the walls are white ... and the carpet is like a light blue ... uuggghhh ... i hate it. But is there any hope???

  5. Tuscan themed dining room and living room ideas?

    My house is a raised ranch. My living rrom and dining room, hallway and entry way are all the same wall basically. I painted it a mustard yellowy golden color for walls. The ceiling is a buttery yellowish color. I have a dining room set that could adapt to the Tuscan theme. I am changing my old living room furniture. What should I buy? I want a love seat and 2 side chairs only. Coffee table and probably 1 end table. I was looking on line for pictures of Tuscan decor. I can't find them. I'm finding pictures of places in Italy but not appropriate for my budget or taste. What colors should I buy for furniture? My kitchen is in a dark red brickcolor which goes well with the gold in the other rooms, since you see all the rooms as you come up the staris and I have red and gold accent pieces in my kitchen. Can someone help? it sound like it's bright. But it really isn't with everything put back into it. I wish I could show you guys a picture. At night, especially, the room look like they glow.

  6. I have a long hallway. What kind of decor should I put on the walls?

    The hallway is not SUPER long but it's longer than I thought. When you come through the front door there's the dining room and then an open area. Then there's the hall that leads to the living room. I can't seem to find any long rectangular pictures that I like ... or that are long enough to accommodate the wall. It seems I'd need at least four long pictures to fill up the wall on one side ... and I have no idea what to put on the other side. Help!

  7. how do i make a great room more colorful without painting walls?

    I live in a newer house in the Pacific Northwest. My landlords (my parents) don't want me to paint any of the walls since it was freshly painted in November... too bad the color is an off-white/creme, creme trim & tan carpet. My couch is a tan leather so it all blends way too much. Our kitchen is mahogany with blue/grey/green stone floors & black appliances. What colors would go good for the great room (living, kitchen, dining)... without having to paint the walls? I tried getting really colorful artwork (our theme is along the spanish-mexican heritage, our favorite vacation spot) but it still seems lacking... would rugs, painted furniture, curtains help out? I'm also on a tight budget... prefer not to spend anything over $50.00 on decorating items... do you know of any websites or stores in the state of Washington that could help me? Best answer gets points!

  8. How can I stop echoing in a living/family room?

    My living room has 20ft ceilings and the flooring is hard wood. We currently have an area rug. We also have 4 windows in an L shape on each side of the room (Left side has 4 windows (top/bottom) in an L shape and also on the Right side). I'm not sure how to go about window treatments.