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Country Dining Room Decor Questions Answered!

  1. what color should i paint my wall?

    my living room & dining room run together-so i have 1 long wall. my theme is country-plaid couch, (reds greens blues)wooden shelves-apples and pears in the kitchen. what should be the primary color-long wall- & smaller walls to make it pop or tie together.

  2. what flooring would work well in a house that has both knotty pine and oak?

    I have knotty pine beams in my living room and dining room and my kitchen cabinets are traditional honey oak. what type of laminate or hardwood flooring would work good with both of these? The flooring will just be in the living room, I'm going to do a very plain white or off-white vinyl or tile in the kitchen and dining room.

  3. I am helping my grandma redo her kitchen and dining room in sunflowers and roosters. We need ideas?

    Her walls and cabinets need painted. Her counter tops are blue. If anyone has any ideas on colors or any decor tips pls help. thanks

  4. I need to find a decorator to help redecorate with what I already have and can't afford much money. How?

    I mainly like country style but don't know how to bring my room together. I love flea market and auction finds to be incorporated in my home. I would also like to make the dining area feel like an extension of the living room since it's separated by a very large opening. Any advice on finding help?

  5. first aparment, one bedroom w/ 2 people- how much money should I save up for furniture and other supplies?

    It's my boyfriend and I. It will be a relatively small apartment, about 500 a month. what do you think? covering basic furniture like a couch, bed, some kind of tv stand, a dresser, etc towels, plates, etc etc how much did you save?

  6. Any reviews on Bacchanalia or MF Buckhead?

    I know these are two completely different types of restaurants but I would like to try one of them next week and wanted to know if anyone has gone to either. Thanks.

  7. I would like some ideas on designing a new living room...?

    My husband and I are in the process of purchasing new living room furniture. He is currently deployed and I'd love for him to come back to an amazing new design in the room we use most. I'm currently working on all the designs [dining, master, and guest bedrooms] with great success but I cannot seem to find exactly what I want in the living room. Our styles conflict [my own style even conflicts itself at times!] he is into contemporary spaces where as I'm into "livable" spaces. I like some country decor without over doing it but I also really like contemporary decor. It's just so confusing. I would like to create a room that's functional, easy on the eye, and meets both country, classic, and contemporary styles. I don’t want a room that is just “thrown together.” Do you have any ideas? Do you know of any websites that have the purpose to design a room--not just the layout? Thanks for your advice!!

  8. What color to paint a Dining Room or Kitchen

    Both rooms have openings to view living room which is a warm soft gold with ivory trim. These rooms will have ivory trim. I have a gallon of a pale olive that looks good with the golden living room and it's decor too but don't know which room to use it on. I was thinking of Rust color but never used a shade like that before. If you think Rust is possibly good in which room should it go? Would a lighter or darker shade of the green or gold work better? The Dining has gunstock oak floors so something that enhances them is ideal right, The Kithcen is tore out and I am trying to decide on cabs and counters so no limits on that. The flooring in Kitchen is undecided as well. I was aiming for a french country kitchen with roosters and gold rust and sage maybe but what color counter and cabs?

  9. I am redoing my home... Cheap Americana decor?

    I am redoing my dining room, a hallway, and a bathroom plus adding some decor in my bedroom. I was thinking of doing all of the rooms in Americana ... Please give me some ideas and tell me great places/websites where I can buy Americana decor and country/primitives decor as well. Thanks.

  10. How Popular Are Peanuts In Mallorca? In Restaurants Specifically?

    I'm going there on holiday later in the year and I have a severe peanut allergy. It's kind of scaring me now because I don't speak much Spanish and I know they're popular in tapas bars and stuff. But what about in reastaurants? Do they cook with them a lot? Do they use peanut oil often? Any answer is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

  11. I need help planning a romantic birthday. Something original. Any ideas?

    I want to do something romantic for my partner. She has everything she wants as far as a birthday gift. I need ideas please

  12. Decorating Kitchen & Dining Room?

    I am painting my Kitchen/Dining room and using a country motif. I like the reds greens and blues. I also really like the Americana decor. Just wondering if anyone out there would like to voice their opinion and give me some colors to work with?

  13. Staying near Greektown, any restaurant suggestions?

    I'm visiting Chicago with some foodies (OK, I'm one too). Are there any "upscale" restaurants in Greektown? If not, where would you suggest dining? This group is adventurous and willing to cab it if necessary. Other favorites are Thai, seafood, Italian.