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Cool Dorm Room Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How to make your dorm room look geeky?

    Hi, I'm looking for some good ideas to make my room look geeky (im a computer geek), just keep in mind that i can't screw anything into the wall or paint them. Retro computer/video games are cool..... Inside jokes or things that make you think are cool.... Black ops posters are NOT cool... I'm a dude What are your suggestions for a cool dorm room that is geeky, but you could still bring a girl back to.

  2. What are some cool dorm ideas?

    i need some cool and fun ideas for dorm rooms?i got a nice one from a magazine:paint a big rock and use it as a door stopper its seems fun and creative.but i need more.and yes i do know that i can hang posters and get a bulliten board but im looking for fun and creative things thank u in advance

  3. What are the coolest things for a college dorm room?

    As a freshman going to Tulane University, I want my dorm room to be a place where everyone on my hall can come and hang out. I want it to look cool. What things should my dorm room have that makes it a place that everyone would want to hang out in?

  4. What are some ways I can cool my dorm room?

    I live in a dorm room that is relatively large, but it is always really hot. I have 2 window fans and two smaller fans, but it is still really hot. With the window wide open and the door wide open for airflow, it's still bad. Does anyone have any other ideas? Air conditioners are not allowed.

  5. What could I use to cover a car seat to turn it into a hip dorm room couch?

    I have a minivan (1994 Nissan Quest), and will use it most of the time with the middle bench seat removed to have more space in the back. I will use this middle bench seat as a couch in my dorm room. It is a little over three feet wide and about 2 1/2 feet tall. It is designed to seat two people, and has an adjustable tilting back. I am looking for something to cover it with, preferably removable, that would look pretty cool. Please give me any suggestions or ideas you can think of, and the more creative, the better!

  6. Is having three fans on in my dorm room the same thing as air conditioning?

    Does having three fans on in my dorm room pretty much the same thing as air conditioning? My dorm room doesn't have air conditioning, and buying an air conditioner can get expensive. Will putting two or three fans in my room keep it cool, or will that just blow the warm air around? Any ideas?

  7. What would be a cool thing to give my brother for Christmas?

    My brother is in college, and I wanted to get him something cool for him to put in his dorm room. He and his roommate already have glow-in-the-dark stickers that go on the ceiling and lights that are hung around the room. Their room is the most popular spot on their floor. What would be a funny or decorative cool guy thing to give him to put in his room? He is also about to get a car, so what could I give him that he could put in/on his car? Any ideas would be great, thanks.

  8. What are some cool things to have in your college dorm room?

    I am looking for some ORIGINAL ideas to improve my dorm room. I have already seen rooms with collapsible stripper poles and kaleidoscope laser lights but I want something different. If you suggest a disco ball I will kill you :) (Don't suggest a disco ball just to spite me please, I'm not actually going to kill you)

  9. Fellow college students, what are your favorite meals and snacks that you can prepare in your dorm room?

    I have four papers that are each going to be in excess of forty pages to finish writing in addition to final exams to prepare for, so I'm planning to become a part-time hermit the next few weeks and have all weekday lunches and snacks in my room while working. I am fortunate to live in a sorority house that has a wonderful chef who makes dinner for us, so I'll continue to dine with my friends at night, but am going to skip eating out for lunch and snacks as much as possible until the end of the quarter. I'm planning a trip to Trader Joe's on Thursday to stock up on groceries, and am hoping to get suggestions for simple, healthy meals to make during my upcoming self-imposed solitary confinement sentence. I've been making either a fruit smoothie or corn on the cob and a salad whenever I stay in for lunch, but I think I need to diversify my diet a little. What snacks and foods do you keep in your dorm room? What meals do you make most often? If you have a meal plan, how frequently do you eat in your room instead of in a dining hall or elsewhere? I'd also welcome answers from non-students who might be able to provide recipes or ideas for relatively healthy vegetarian meals and snacks that I could make in my little room. I have a mini-fridge, blender, microwave, coffee maker, and a nifty toaster oven with a four-slice toaster built in, so I could set my culinary goals a bit higher than animal cracker and yogurt parfaits or smoothies. Bonus Question ~ How much longer do you have until winter break? : )

  10. Instead of buying an air conditioner for my small dorm room can I just leave my refrigerator open?

    I have a small dorm room that doesn't allow air conditioners and I was wondering how effective just leaving the refrigerator open would be when temperatures can climb well into the high 90s? Would refrigerator eventually break? This would only be done in the fall and spring time.

  11. What type of fish could I have in a very small (1 gallon) aquarium?

    I don't have very much space for the tank (dorm room living), but I'd like to keep a fish. Also, a snail would be pretty cool, but I have no idea about how much space they need. Can anyone recommend species of fish / snails that could live in such a small tank? Also, I do have an aerator, but do I need it for a 1 gallon?

  12. What are some cool stuff to put in my dorm room.?

    I might be going to boarding school next year and my rents will get me sum stuff to put in my dorm room. Im into computers and tech stuff. Any ideas??

  13. What should I do with my pictures for my dorm?

    I recently went on a life-changing service trip. I have a TON of pictures and I want to do something creative with them. Any ideas? I thought it'd be perfect for my dorm room next year, too. Thanks so much!