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Living Room Decoration Questions Answered!

  1. How did you incorporate your television in your living room decoration?

    I want to paint and decorate my living room like you see in magizines but my husband has a plasma tv and an xbox that has to stay there. I was thinking of getting an armoire or entertainment center but they are so expensive. How can I incorporate the tv and things with the design of the living room? I want it to look like a sitting room rather than the room everyone hangs out in, you know, pretty I guess. One of those rooms you see in Southern Living Magizine or Better Homes and Gardens.

  2. What colors go with a really light brown living room?

    We just painted our living room and I am wondering what colors would go with a room that is almost a tan, but lighttttt brown color? What color curtains should we get? What color decorations would go well? Thank you!

  3. What are some good ideas for a beach themed living room?

    I just moved into my home and it's pretty empty! I want to make my living room beach themed but I am pretty creatively challenged. Any ideas as far as decorations and furniture go? I appreciate any help!

  4. What are some great ways I can transform my living room into a "butterfly garden" for my daughter's birthday?

    I'm going to make tissue paper ball decorations to hang from the ceiling, along with little white butterflies - but we live in a tiny apartment, so our living room is like our living/dining/office space, and I really want to make it magical. What do you think about setting up an area to take pictures - like use construction paper and things to make like a 'garden' back drop? I don't know what else I could do. Thank you for your help in advance!!!

  5. What to look for when looking into buying a record player?

    I'm looking for a record player for my living room just for decoration pretty much. I may play occasionally what do I look for when i'm looking into buying one?

  6. Where can I find nautical items for my living room? I am looking for starfish and coral.?

    I am looking for starfish or coral to accent my living room for the summer. (Going for a nautical theme). I have checked around but the only place I have found so far is Pottery Barn and I refuse to pay $30 for a piece of coral!

  7. What kind of wall art would be apt for a living room with all black furniture and white walls?

    What kind of wall art would be apt for a living room with all black furniture and white walls? Should I go for something with bright colors or rather pale/subdue colors?

  8. where can i find ideas or fotos about marocco decoration for my living room?

    i want to see photos of living rooms, decorated about this style. to get ideas to do it on my house. if somebody knows , please help me!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i need to put some funky hangings in my living room.they will hang from the ceiling.?

    i have a bookshelf /showcase, a television unit and two beautiful contemporary baskets kept in sequence in my living room. i want to put the hangings high into the ceiling and above those baskets. will this pattern look good?

  10. Should I force my religion on people by putting up a Christmas tree in my living room window this year?

    Will the Obama administration require us fanatical Christian right wing extremists to cover our living room windows to avoid forcing our dangerous Crusading religion on the world with our decadently decorated Christmas trees this year? Do Muslims go around decorating their houses with bright lights and put Muslim decorations on thier lawns to force their religion on people? Why should our Muslim president permit Christians to do it, then?

  11. Can you people please help me with ideas on how i should should decorate my living room?

    I'm moving to a house that has a large living room and I really don't want to leave the living room walls white. I've been trying to look on the internet for pictures of living rooms but, I just can't seem to find some. Can you people please help me with ideas on how i should should decorate my living room? Like giving links of pictures of living rooms or telling me what kind of colors of paint look good and is popular. Thanks!

  12. What color should I paint my apartment living room? & Ideas for other rooms (Pix Inside)?

    This is my first apartment and i want it to be as perfect as possible! I would like a spanish theme (pictures, decorations ect) to match my heritage. I read you aren't suppose to do alot of colors in smaller areas so how many colors do you think would be ok? I was thinking a shade of brown maybe for the living room but Im not sure how that would go with my couch? Any ideas i added pictures of my couch and will have dark wood furniture. Also which walls should I paint and any suggestions on couch pillows? Pictures of specific paint colors would be REALLY helpful THANK SO MUCH! Picture of Sofa http://store.rothmanfurniture.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000002/products/200-14207.jpg Apartment Layout - The thing in the corner of the living room is a fireplace http://images.forrent.com/imgs/fr/propertyFiles/797/907/999/FP_11646862030252822.jpg Just wanted to add I CAN PAINT i asked i have to either paint it back white or pay 50 for them to! PLEASE if you have example pics post them for me THANKS!

  13. Does anyone know where I can find a living room decoration planner online?

    Ikea has a similar thing online called a ktichen planner. But I have a brown and cream lviing room (brown carpet, cream furniture) and I am loking for tips and ideas, as I am redecorating soon. Please help me.

  14. How should i decorate my sitting room for my 17th birthday sleepver?

    im having a sleepover and were all girls age from 16-17. my room is too small so i choose to do it in my living room. i have a "candyland theme" so i want the decoration to go with the theme. and please the materials that you say can it be reasonably cheap

  15. Brown paint in my living room?

    I have an open floor plan and my kitchen opens to my living room. We have light wood floors and furniture that has a fabric with 2 shades of brown, the predominant shade is the lighter one. I am dying to paint the 2 walls in my living room a darker brown, and maybe the small wall as an accent around the fireplace. (its a small part and would be mostly covered by the plasma). My hope is that it will help tie the living room together and doing a very cool tan or sand on the 2 walls in the kitchen will keep the 2 rooms looking like their own rooms, while still enjoying the open floor plan. With the light colors in the kitchen, and the light floor and trim, will darker shades of brown bee too much on the walls and couches?

  16. how to make small apartment living room warm and bright?

    im moving to an apartment that has a small living room and it has glass door and window facing southwest, i love warm colors,planning to paint one side of the wall orange or brownish yellow.what color furniture would go with it and also would warm colors make it look more small?