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Creative Dorm Room Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some unique creative cheap ways to decorate my dorm room?

    I want some really cheap ideas of how I can decorate my dorm room. I have my own room so I don't have to worry about a roommate. And I'm not allowed to paint or put nails in the walls.

  2. How can I make a dorm room "green"?

    Looking for ideas to share with residential students at a rehab facility on how to be more enviornmentally friendly within their dorm rooms. We have recycling efforts in place. We've changed to CDL bulbs, we're planning a session on rechargable batteries. - What else can we do? We want to set up a booth on Earth Day to help educate them. Please share your ideas!! Thanks!

  3. How would I go about doing this in my room?

    I know I've asked this question before, but none of the answers I received were things that I could really do. I have this idea of getting my favorite quotes from famous people and somehow putting them up all around my room. I want to be able to put them up in my dorm room, so this means that I can't paint on the walls or anything permanent like that. How do you think I should do this in a creative way? Any ideas/opinions would be appreciated!

  4. What are some cheap maybe do it yourself dorm room ideas?

    I'm going to a cheer camp and we have a contest on who can do the best room, my room theam is Justin beiber, so far all I have is cutting out Justin bieber from magazines and my bedding is hot pink with a zebra pillow. Please help, any suggestions are great.

  5. How can you hang a full length mirror without using a nail?

    I'm leaving for college soon and want to hang a full length mirror in my dorm room. However, we're not allowed to put any nails in the wall. Does anyone have any good ideas for how to hang a lightweight mirror without using nails and without sticking anything permanent to the wall?

  6. What are some creative ideas to decorate a dorm room?

    Going off to college in the fall &i need some artwork or cool ideas to decorate my room! Any suggestions appreciated. =] Thanks!

  7. How do you envision our future dorms?

    how do you envision the digital dorm room in the year 2020? What kind of emerging or future technologies do you think students of the future will be utilizing? How will the student's academic and dorm life change in the future due to these technologies? This is my essay topic for my mid term and I need ideas!! Please be creative!

  8. What are some unique and inexpensive ways to decorate my dorm room?

    I'd love to hang fabric from the walls or make a canopy over my bed! Anyone have ideas? Something unique and FUN! Hahaha! I go to Rider University, in New Jersey. What about you?