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Dorm Room Ideas For Girls Questions Answered!

  1. What colleges allow boys and girls to sleep in the same dorm? Or apartments where boy and girl can stay?

    My girlfriend and are are planning for college we both know were going to get married, and we have a great relationship. We want to go to college together and stay in the same dorm room or rent a apartment. Is there a list of schools that let boys and girls dorm together?....Please dont comment saying its a bad idea to go together, were going together.

  2. How to invite a girl over to apartment to hang out with nothing to do?

    I am a college sophomore. I live in a dorm room like everyone else, but at my school, sophomores live in apartment style dorms, meaning we have a kitchen, bedroom, and main room. It has a lot of space, but no furniture or things to do. All the school provided in this dorm was a desk and a desk chair for each person. I did buy a futon, a TV, and a stool to sit on when eating at the countertop (we have no table or anywhere to eat). I want to invite this girl I like over, but I don't know. There is literally nothing to do. I was thinking we could cook food together (always fun with me haha), but there's nowhere to sit and eat. Like I said, I have one stool for the countertop. Or we could sit on the futon in the main room and watch TV or music videos or something, but my roommate has no friends so he doesn't leave ever and there's nowhere for him to go. he would be in the room. And of course, the bedroom has no light and the Wifi sucks in there.....we literally just sleep in there. What are your thoughts? Should I still invite her over? What ideas do you have?

  3. How can I make my room look more mature?

    I feel like my dorm room could be that of a 10 year old girl. There's just a lot of pink, other pastel colors, bows, and flowers. I like my room, but I want it to match my age. Can anyone think of any room accesssories that would make it look more like the dorm room of a college freshman? Or any ideas in general?

  4. Is it a bad idea to say yes if the boy invites you to hang out in his dorm room in the weekend?

    and what would people think if they see me get in and get out of his room? or would he be planning a prank on me asking his friends to barge into the room suddenly? is it possible that a boy and a girl just do normal friends stuffs in the boy's dorm room?

  5. why dorm rooms are cheap then private in europe?

    So planning a trip to europe. And i can not understand why the private rooms in youth-hostels are expensive compared to dorm (shared) rooms. Because i can't hold-myself just be the thought of sharing a room with some hot girls. I heard in europe people don't care much about nudity and some places have beaches where you can hangout totally naked. So dorm room shared with girls would be like a dream come true. Or is there any other catch this??

  6. What is a good website for dorm room bedding for girls?

    I am looking for bedding for my dorm. I've looked at websites like target and pbteen but I can't really find anything that I really want. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

  7. Im starting college and im sharing a bathroom with another dorm room what should we all bring?

    in one room its me and two other girls and in the other dorm room is three other girls. our bathroom is connected and were talking about what we should bring but none of us know what to bring? any suggestions?

  8. What would happen if you got caught sneaking an animal into a college dorm room?

    In the movie The Roommate one of the girls sneaks in a cat. Then I got thinking, what if you snuck in a hamster, or a fish, or something smaller than a cat? Would they take it away from you or kick you out or what?

  9. How do I create a beachy, oceanic, lighthouse feel in a dorm room? I was thinking lots of greenery, seashells?

    white christmas lights, and pictures of oceanic views and lighthouses. Anybody have other ideas?

  10. What clothes should I pack for college?

    I'm going to be a freshman in college this year. I have a tiny dorm room with a small dresser, and I have to share my closet with some other girls. What pieces should I get that will still look cute but won't take up too much room or too much of my budget?

  11. why in the window 7 commercials the character changes when they have a flashback?

    on one of the window 7 commercials the guy is outside of the dorm room then he has a flashback of why window 7 is his idea but the guy in the flashback isn't him. the character always changes in the flashbacks, why is this?

  12. How to get the hottest girls to come to our dorm room?

    Me and my roommates are having a dope azz party this thursday night. Any ideas how to get all the hot girls on campus to come? thanks yall. free booze yeah of course. is that it?

  13. What ideas are good decor ideas for a teen girls bedroom?

    I am getting bored with my old bold green room, I am looking for a newer, cheap, and modern look.

  14. How can i make my room a fun girl teen looking room?

    i have a red room, http://s345.photobucket.com/albums/p381/Stefii_is_amazing/?action=view¤t=wallcolor.jpg i wont to make it fun and add blue,pink,or lime green polka dots. and i need some decor tips.. i want it to kinda look like a dorm room sorta. all ideas are appriciated! [:<3