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Dorm Room Ideas For Guys Questions Answered!

  1. How can I have the best dorm room?

    I am off to college in Fall 2007. How can I create the best dorm room ever. Design ideas, etc.?

  2. Is it possible to join a school like this last minute?

    I'm making a music video for a contest and part of my idea was this guy deciding to go to a performing arts academy the night before. He's already been accepted and stuff but didn't decide to go until then. Is that at all possible? If there's no dorm rooms or anything to be decided beforehand?

  3. What's the best thing you got for your dorm room? What do you wish you'd brought?

    I'm going back to college for my sophomore year, and my dorm room is really small. I'm going to cut down on the amount of stuff I'm bringing, but I was wondering if any super-organized neat freaks had any great ideas for stuff to bring for my room! Any suggestions for saving space, etc. are welcome! Thanks a bunch!

  4. Is it uncommon for college guys to stand naked in front of each other while changing?

    I mean, if you are in your dorm room, or getting ready for a shower, or for a sport or something? What happens if my room mate likes to sleep naked or something like that, I mean I don't care, thats his choice, but do you think someone might get the wrong idea?

  5. How do I get free wireless internet on my computer?

    My roomates get free wireless internet from other customers on their laptops using a chip, and I recently installed that chip in my PC in order to get it also. I can't seem to figure out how to connect to the internet or to other users. I used to recieve broadband from my dorm room, but now I don't have any idea how to connect to use wireless. Can anyone help?

  6. How can I change my disgusting new college dorm roommate's bad habits?

    Hello, I am a freshman college student spending my first year in the dorm. Everything was fine until my new roommate started showing me how he really is to live with. We have a standard dorm room with two single beds. I am 21 and he is over 10 years older than me. He went back to school due to the bad economy and I think he is set in his ways. During the first night in our room, he was snoring very loud. It annoyed me, but the worst was yet to come. In the morning, I awoke to a terrible sound. He was sleeping on his back and then pushed off the sheets, did a complete "fish roll". used his hands to spread open his butt cheeks (over his boxers) and let out the most loud, foul, moist, putrid smelling farts. I just laid in my bed pretending to be sleeping and my roommate let them rip for over 20 minutes. Then he quickly gets up and ran to the bathroom. It sounded like someone dumped a pillow case full of wet clay in the toilet. And the smell was enough to fell and elephant. The entire room smelt like old salmon left outside on a warm summer day sprinkled with rotten eggs. Then he comes out of the bathroom in his boxers and they were also a disgrace. There were more holes in his boxes than if they were used as target practice on a shooting range. Also, so many yellow and brown stains due to bathroom mishaps. This process has been repeated every morning since we became roommates. I tried to be friendly and made an effort to forget about the morning disasters. So, in my first attempt, I asked him to go to the store with me to buy water. Bad idea. So we get to the grocery store and I asked him to please get the case of water bottles. There was a very old European or Russian lady in the aisle we were in, but he did not notice her. As the old lady bent down to check an item, my roommate released a foul and very loud dust cloud directly in her face. You should have seen the look in her beautiful glassy eyes. I believe her entire life passed right through her and she could not understand how someone could be so repulsive. My roommate said nothing and the lady slowly walked away with a stunned look on her face. Then on the way back, we were walking and talking. I was still in shock after the entire old lady incident. Ahead of us, were three other students walking towards us to go to the store. Just as the three passed us, my roommate released yet another extremely loud and foul smelling fart. I turned back as I heard the noise out of embarrassment to see if anyone heard it. One of the guys almost broke his neck as his head whipped around so fast! He yelled "What the heck is going on? You alright there mate?" Once again, I just held my head down and kept walking. My roommate did not even provide a reaction. He acted like nothing happened at all. Then I just decided to make conversation to end the awkward silence. So, as I talked with my roommate about ways to save money. He told me that when he had his own apartment he saved money on the water bill by not flushing the toilet often. Then he said that he considers toilets as "storage pots" and that you should fill them up to the top and let them sit for a few days to ferment, then flush it when its full. I thought he was joking. So this past weekend, I drove two hours to see my girlfriend and stayed with her all weekend. My roommate was home when I left. Then when I got back last night, the inside of the room smelt like a cancer ward. I went in the bathroom to see what happened and sure enough, there were at least five 3/4 pound beef groider mud pancakes of poo poo in the toilet. I am sure they were stored all weekend in the "pots". When I lifted up the lid of the toilet, the rush of hot methane literally burn my nose hairs and I had to put the towel over my nose to keep from passing out. I barely survived the ordeal. So tonight, I started to talk to my roommate about everything. But when I began talking, I could smell a few silent but deadly puffs of methane in the room and had to leave. I am writing this email from the library computer. Can someone please help me with this situation? I cant stand it anymore!

  7. What expenses should I plan for when moving into a house?

    I am in a dorm room now, the rent is ~$5600/year. The guy with the house is asking $375/person/month (3 people) and he will cover the utilities. Cable internet/tv is extra ($80 which will be split b/t at least 2 of us=>just under $30 each up to $40 each), and it is 15 minutes from campus (@ 40mph). I get pretty good gas mileage, but even one trip to campus and back per day 5 days a week would mean an extra $32.44/month and that is using my highway mpg rather than in-town mpg (which would raise the price). I'm not sure whether he would make us keep up the lawn (mowing, etc.). Do you think he would expect that of us? If he does, then we would either have to do it ourselves (and buy gas, a lawn mower, etc.), or we would have to pay someone to do it (twice a month for 1/3 of the year means $160/year=$13.33/month). Do you think my estimations are reasonable, and what would be any other expenses that I would have to pay for (excluding groceries)? Would it be worth it?

  8. Can anyone give me some encouraging quotes about moving on from someone who hurt you?

    I am a freshman in college and just got out of a very serious relationship in which I experienced a lot of pain and betrayal. I have tried ending things with my ex multiple times but always go back. This time though, I want to stay gone!! I have an idea to post positive quotes all around my dorm room so that I can constantly be reminded that I can and will move on to something better. I know I could just as easily google these, but I'd love to hear any quotes that may have helped you guys in the past. Any ideas?!

  9. Do I have to pay from my friends stolen items?

    Last weekend, we had a party in my dorm room. My one roommate wasn't there for the party. And he claims his earrings were stolen. He left them next to the TV in the wide open. Should I have to pay for them even though its really not my fault? He even suggested we have the party in the first place. although it was his idea to have a party, he didnt know we threw a party until he got back the next day

  10. Good bedroom arrangement ideas for someone with a LOT of clutter?

    I need some cute ideas, i have these ugly plastic bins and they're so gross for keeping my stuff in! I'm majoring in the drama department at school so i need to keep a lot of my costumes and stuff for plays and such. :) i also have a lot of little figurines and loads of snow globes from my friends but i don't know where to put it all. im re-decorating my room COMPLETELY so any ideas guys?? Thank you!

  11. How do I make a romantic evening out of a college dorm room?

    My boyfriend and I are separated by distance for summer break. When we reunite next term, I want to make our first night back together extra special. Unfortunately, both of us live in suites and have roommates. He's a really sweet guy, but I don't have any extra special romantic (or sexy) ideas. Believe it or not, he's the romantic one in our relationship. HELP!

  12. What should I buy for my new dorm room at ASU Hassayampa?

    I will be starting my freshman year this fall and I will be staying in Hassayampa's Education Residential College and I have no idea what to buy. I visited one dorm where they removed the desk underneath the bunk bed and put in a futon. I was wondering if this would be a good idea, and if so what should I do with the desk? Thanks for the help!

  13. what is a theme for decorating a dorm room at cheer camp?

    we have to decorate the room and we get prizes for the best decorated. no beach, guys, or princess that is used like every year. we need something awesome and random, really random. last year we decorated it with 200 toothbrushes and won. something awesome random and cheap . help me out