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Best Dorm Room Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. how do i make a dorm room romantic?

    my girlfriend is coming to visit at college and my roommate is away.i wanna make my dorm room romantic looking and stuff.any ideas?

  2. What is a good size tank for saltwater fish in a dorm room?

    It needs to be small enough for a dorm room but i also don't want a tiny little fish bowl. How many fish could I approximately fit in it it and how much do you think it would cost to recreate a "reef aquarium". Do you think it is even a feasible idea to have a saltwater aquarium in a college room?

  3. What is a good place to put plants in a dorm room?

    I tried to grow some flower seeds that I got from the supermarket in the windowsill of my dorm room, but they were in direct sunlight for too long. Even though I was watering them, both of the plants dried up from this direct sunlight. Any ideas for what I can do so that they will not dry up next time I try to plant them?

  4. What kinds of color(s) and accessories would be good for a dorm room for a skier and a surfer?

    My roommate and I are totally opposite from each other and we want our dorm room to be filled with our intrestes. I'm a skier and my roommates a surfer. We have no idea what color our walls should be nor what kinds of accesssories to put in our room. Please help!

  5. Is it a good idea to start growing chili pepper plants in dorm room? (has anyone tried?)?

    I've been thinking of growing peppers for a bit now. I have seeds, but the problem is that I'm stuck in a dorm room for about a month or so. Would it be a good idea to start growing the plants indoors and then moving them when I move back home? Has anyone tried this? I'm currently in the santa cruz mountains and have a window facing north.

  6. How can my bed room look like a dorm room?

    I live here at home and am a full-time college student. How can I make my room look more like a dorm room? I am getting my A.A. in Elementary Education. Right now I have a TV,dresser,bed, and a book shelve plus a shelve on the wall. Any one have any ideas on a dorm room style for me?