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Pottery Barn Kids Registry Questions Answered!

  1. Where to open a baby registry for organic products?

    We are expecting a child in December 2009 (we don't know gender yet) and have started a registry at Babies-R-Us, but cannot find many products: wool/alpaca blankets, cotton plush blankets, modern looking cotton nursery bedding, organic toys, foam mattress, light-weight crib in cherry color (there is one in maple color at Babies-R-Us though) ... Does it mean that we should open a registry at another store instead? What other national store chain would be good for a variety of organic/quality baby products?

  2. What does it mean to have your baby registered?

    I just saw a question about registering your baby for stuff to buy. Is that for a baby shower? Or what I'm planning on buying for the baby? I'm 10 weeks pregnant.

  3. Is there a way to search gift registries if I don't know which website someone is registered on?

    I want to get a baby gift for someone, but I want it to be a surprise. Is there a website where I can put in their names, and it'll tell me which store they're registered with? If there isn't such a website, any suggestions for a gift that wouldn't duplicate typical registry items?

  4. What is a good store to register for a new baby, I have military friends who want to buy me things.

    Please name your top 3 stores and why.

  5. I am 22weeks pregnant, I want to know what is 'baby registry' and why one needs to do it?

    Plz share and guide if you have done it. Thanks.

  6. where to do registry for baby shower?

    So i've seen everyone go to Babys R us, Target, Pottery Barn for Kids, Baby Gap...are there any other stores that are good for doing a registry for a baby shower???

  7. Baby Shower Registration?

    Should I put my pottery barn kids registry info on the invite to my baby shower??? I think its tacky, but my mother thinks its fine (she and my sister are throwing the shower) i have to make a desision fast.

  8. Pottery Barn Black Friday Coupon?

    I am new to shopping at Pottery Barn and have a kids kitchen set in my sights for the holiday, I was wondering if anyone knows if Pottery Barn normally does a black friday sale or coupon and how I could get it.

  9. Baby Registry advice?

    Where do you suggest are the best 2 places to register for a baby shower? I really like what Target and Pottery Barn kids have, but I want to make sure I register at places that have the best baby supplies and selection and don't want to appear a little greedy registering at Pottery Barn kids as its expensive..

  10. Quilt! Help!?

    About a year ago, I was leafing through a Pottery Barn Magazine. I saw a beautiful quilt, but, since I had just remodeled my bedroom, I dismissed it as a beautiful, but unnecessary item. Well, I am redesigning my bedroom again, and would like to use that quilt. The problem is, it is discontinued, and I cannot remember it's name. Its an island themed quilt, (not Pottery Barn kids) its like vintage hawaii themed, with palm trees, hawaii flowers. its colors include reds, pea greens, aquamarines, camel/tans, and vanilla like colors. It's stitched with squares, but inside the sqaures are stitched flap-like things. Please!!! Somebody help....if anyone knows at least the name of the quilt that would be great!

  11. Baby Shower Registry List?

    Does anyone have a comprehensive list of items you should register for before your baby shower? Or links to good websites with registry lists. I am so overwhelmed by all the items you need to have and don't know where to start!

  12. I need to find a stuffed animal pig?

    My 1 year old nephew has a stuffed animal duck and absolutely loves it! it's this kind: http://www.polyvore.com/koala_baby_10_inch_plush/thing?id=15473440 My sister put it on her registry at Toys R Us and got it as a gift at her baby shower She just had a little baby girl today and we want to get her a stuffed animal just like her brothers We found a pig at kids pottery barn but the eyes on it were buttons and we don't want to risk anything coming off and getting choked on I've searched online and found one pig that's not bad but I think it's larger then the duck and its a different brand I'd like to try to find a koala baby brand stuffed pig that's pink and has stitched eyes, is about 10 inches long and is very soft If anyone has seen anything online or in a store please let me know. Thanks

  13. Big Bridal Shower and Wedding Gift Ideas???

    I'm getting married soon and I have people telling me they want "big gift ideas". One is for my bridal shower and the other is for the wedding. What do I ask for? I have basically everything I need to start an apartment. I'm trying to think of heirloom quality goods that my DH and I will use them as well as pass them on to our kids. Any ideas? Btw, we don't drink so wine glasses are out. The only big ticket items that are left are a couch and dining room chairs but I don't want to ask for that.

  14. What are some baby stores?

    What are some stores that have baby registries besides these stores?....Burlington Coat Factory, Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, Sears, JC Penney's.

  15. Baby shower registry?

    For all parents: What is the best place to registar for a baby shower? I ask this because I had a big problem with JCPenny when I registered for my wedding. Almost every item I registered for went out of stock! Where have you found the cutest or most practical items? Currently I'm looking at Target and Baby's-R-Us.

  16. Why are wedding registries filled with so much garbage?

    A friend is getting married, and I was looking on his online registry. It was impossible to find anyything on it that wasn't either a "dist collecter" or total junk. None of it is "guy stuff". I'd say the bride took over, except I can't really see her buying most of this stop if left to her own devices. They live in an apartment with limited space. They have as much in the wau of supplies as they need for an apartment, and have no immediate plans to buy a house. She doesn't cook. (He does a little...but he *HATES* clutter, so I can't see him wanting this many kitchen supplies...) 1.) Why do wedding registries inspire people to ask for things they don't need and would never buy on their own? 2.) Has anyone else noticed this trend? I'm not sure I like the idea of getting things now which you may need years from now after you get promoted and have enough money for a house. For one thing, everyone I know has real problems with clutter and storage space. As for kitchen supplies. It seems people cook far less nowadays, yet spend WAY more on our kitchens. I think this is an area where people spend money not on what they need or even what they want, but what they think they are *supposed* to have. My problem isn't even the price, exactly. An insanely expensive item may be fine if it is something you love. There should be a mix of super-expensive items and cheap ones (for guests with varying income levels). What bothers me is this is stuff they would never think to buy. Does someone who never cooks need the BEST pans in the world? I'm OK spending a lot for a gift that is either really needed or really cool...not sure these things qualify.