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Pottery Barn Kids Catalog Questions Answered!

  1. Where to get cute kids bedding at a good price?

    I am looking for an online store or a physical store that sells cute kids bedding similar to Pottery Barn Kids or Company Kids, but for less. I have 5 kids to buy bedding for so you can see how that would add up. I want something of good quality though. We have gone with Walmart like sets that seem to pill and fade, and just look not so nice after only a few washes. I have checked Marshalls but they didn't have any.

  2. Where to Find Curtains to Hang from Canopy Bed?

    I bought a used canopy bed for my six-year-old daughter and want to find curtains to hang on it, but can't find them anywhere!! The only set I've been able to find is at Pottery Barn Kids -- $40 for curtains for one side of the bed. Does anyone know where I can find these kinds of curtains? There's no way I can sew them - Bed Bath and Beyond, Linens & Things and other usual suspects don't carry them.

  3. How do I take pictures of my girls that look as if they are from a Pottery Barn Kids catalog?

    OK, I so love paging through the Pottery Barn, West Elm, et. al. catalogs. I love the styling and the photography. I would like to emulate some of photos. Alas, I only have a Canon PowerShot IS3 and Home Depot work lights. How would you deconstruct this photograph? http://tinyurl.com/2o5y4t 1. The DOF would suggest a large aperture. I know the limitations of my camera in this regard, and I am OK with not being able to achieve the blurry background. 2. The catchlight in the eyes - I can't quite make it out - is that a softbox? It looks rectangular. 3. The light on the back of the shoulders suggests at least a second light source - natural light or strobe? 4. Given the subject matter and the bright even lighting, I am thinking a good fast lens 2.8 or higher, fast shutter, possibly high ISO, and strobes. Am I missing anything? How would *you* light this pic? Is it possible to emulate this given my meager equipment?

  4. Does anyone have a pottery barn coupon code I can use?

    I'm buying bedding today and was hoping to save a little but the codes seem to be blocked. I can only find my PB kids catalog. Please help - Thanks!

  5. For Pottery Barn Kids -Are the drawers for the Activity Table still available separately?

    I purched the table a few years ago and now the catalog shows them as a unit.

  6. What are good things to put in a care package for heart surgery patient?

    A friend of my fiance and mine is having surgery to repair a hole in her heart and I would like to put something together for her for while she is recovering (books, magazines, movies, etc.). She has two small children and I'm sure her husband will be taking care of them while she is recovering. Anyone have any good ideas of what they all might find helpful? I would like to find some things to help her pass the time while she is not sleeping, and maybe something for her husband and the kids. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks all!

  7. Know of a catalog like Lillian Vernon Kids?

    I used to get a bunch of catalogs from companies like Lillian Vernon, but I don't anymore. Can anyone tell me other companies that sells kid's products similar to Lillian Vernon? Thank you proud_parent, but Lilly'skids is the same.

  8. Where can I find a surfboard that can hang on my wall?

    Where can I find a surfboard that hangs on my wall? They're shorter than a normal surfbord. They're about 4' long.

  9. How should I decorate my kids room a boy and girl 9 and 11?

    they both share a room its the master bedroom ...what colors,patterens,divide it into a girl and boys room

  10. is envelope stuffing a scam job in the thrifty nickel or something i can actually get into?

    just plain and simple from pensacola opened up a thrifty nickel and always notice this ad for stuffing envelopes sometimes it says need this many people other times it says earn 11$ per envlopes stuffed wanting to know has anyone actually done it got paid or did it and scammedamed hard need to know

  11. webpages with ideas on decorating a nursery?

    im not expecting yet, but i love looking at these sorts of things, i want to have lots of ideas and preparation for when i am expecting :D do you have any good ideas, are light rooms, whites, light pinks/greens or dark warm rooms better for a baby, reds/browns? and do you know any good webpages with ideas? thank you

  12. What is a good nursery theme for twins?

    My oldest daughter suggest Alice in Womderland's Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum theme.....what other suggestions do you have? oops...I meant Alice in Wonderland Thank you all so much for the wonderful answers.....I have no idea what we are having until next month when I get my ultrasound....if they aren't bashful like my other two were.....this was tough so I am going to let the votes count. Thanks again and Happy Holidays

  13. What would you name 5 girls & 5 boys with these names?

    All of the names come from the recent issue of Pottery Barn Kids catalog. I always look at it to see what names they put in, I find that most of them are very trendy. Anyways just make 5 first and middle name combos for each gender! ---- Girls ---- Isabella, Samantha, Riley, Taylor, Sophie, Emma, Mackenzie, Mackensie (they have it spelled both ways), Olivia, Stella, Jane, Avery, Lauren, Cate, Madison, Alyssa, Penelope, Megan, Brooklyn, Maddie, Kelly, Bella, Allie, Sadie, Shelby, Brynn, Julia, Paige, Gabrielle, Lydia, Vienna, Jennifer, Claire, Georgia, Bailey, Annabel, Victoria, Lindsey, Chloe, Savannah, Hayley, Bethany ---- Boys ---- Christopher, Calvin, Avery, Dylan, Luke, Joshua, Clayton, Kasey, Andrew, Ryan, Kevin, Tyler, Ryder, Aiden, Conor, Ashton, Cooper, Preston, Tucker, Parker, Henry, Matthew, Hudson, Michael, Finn, Cameron, Braydon, Jackson, Zachary, Caden, Oliver, Tyson, Ethan, Jack, Todd, Sam, Jake, Jamie, Samuel, Brad, Graham, Brody, Bryson, Blake, Patrick, Lucas, Chade Please don't change any spellings! Thanks in advance, Hailey